Charlie Carrel’s High Stakes Cash Games on Coinpoker

24 Jun 2024
Alex Waite 24 Jun 2024
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  • Charlie Carrel is hosting high stakes cash games on Coinpoker
  • Watch him take on some 'Beluga Whales'
  • Who wins? The Whale or the Wailer?
Charlie Carrel High Stakes Cash Games
Poker player Charlie Carrel in 2015 (Photo credit should read LEON NEAL/AFP via Getty Images)
Coinpoker High Stakes Cash Games with Pro Player Charlie Carrel and Beluga Whales

Coinpoker may not be a big site like GGPoker or PokerStars, however they do have some high stakes players and frequently have nosebleed cash games, often involving streamers, pros and content creators.

For the last few weeks, poker pro and wannabee crooner Charlie Carrel has been hosting some big cash games on Coinpoker, with other streamers and VIPs taking their seats for some pretty crazy no limit Hold’em action.

Session Highlights from 8th June

On the 8th June Charlie Carrel hosted a ₮20,000 buy-in (equivalent to $20,000) 6-max cash game, featuring Charlie himself, two other streamers ‘coreyeyring’ and ‘VaughnGTO’ plus three VIP players, or Beluga whales, as he describes them.

The names of the whales were not revealed, although Carrel described them as “very successful business men” but also derided their poker ability:

Successful away from the tables, but here we will call them what they are, beluga whales”

I happen to be the best player on the table by a significant way.

he joked before play began....or did he?

The session was a rollercoaster ride for Charlie, however he ended up down by ₮40,000, losing most of it one one hand at the end of the 2-hour session, where he was very confident, having turned a flush with QJ on a 8235board, versus vip player ‘samjazzykins.’

Thinking he had the best hand on the turn, Charlie declared that he would be tanking for a long time before calling samjazzykins’ pot sized bet on the turn. The river brought the 9, a card that Charlie declared as a safe one. When samjazzykins over shoved the river, Charlie insta-called only to facepalm when he was shown the A8. His entire stack was dusted off in that hand.

21st June: Heads Up v Samjazzykins

Fast forward a couple more weeks and Carrell now holds a rematch against samjazzykins, but this time its heads up poker and the buy-in is ₮5k. Before the revenge match started, Charlie spoke a little to his viewers about the upcoming game.

Heads up poker is more about psychology than any other type of poker…I think, anybody can win any day and the player I’m playing against is pretty crazy.

I’m about to play some high variance poker, real high variance, anything can happen its 5kNkl against a self proclaimed whale, VIP player

he added before philosophising

Heads up involves getting in the other player’s mind and maximise the value you can get by saying 'F GTO' because the real world would take other factors into account that the theory world doesn’t.

For this match up Carrel has sold 25% of his action at poker stake and therefore had 75% of himself, but he believes it will be a high variance game and that he could win or lose up to ₮100k in the session.

This session did go better for Charlie, but he did have ups and downs. Fortunately for him it ended on an up for him, although he lost 5k on the final hand. Nevertheless, he recouped over ₮30,000 of the losses he had suffered on the previous session.

Will there be a third part of this saga on Coinpoker? Will Charlie win back the rest of the money he lost to samjazzykins or will the whale blow back even harder?

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