Bounty Jackpots To Be Discontinued at GG Poker

28 Jun 2024
Jonathan Raab 28 Jun 2024
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  • Bounty Jackpots to be discontinued at GG Poker
  • Bounty Hunter tournaments will have the feature removed on July 1st, 2024
  • Site is making the change based on player feedback
  • Fees un-awarded as bounties will be distributed in a boosted promotion at the next Bounty Hunters Series
Bounty Jackpot Feature Discontinued at GG Poker

The GG Poker Bounty Jackpot Feature will be Discontinued on July 1st, 2024

On Wednesday 26th June, GG Poker announced on its Reddit channel that the Bounty Jackpot feature, which is included in its Bounty Hunter tournaments will be brought to an end.

The change will be made almost immediately, with the last bounty jackpots being awarded on June 30th. After this time, GG Poker says that the fees charged for Bounty Hunter Tournaments will be reduced, to bring them in line with the fees that are charged on regular tournaments. 

Its not yet clear what the new fee structure will be, but GG Poker insists it will still be a lower rate compared to most other online poker sites. At the time of publishing, none of the newly priced Bounty Hunter tournaments had been deployed in the lobby for July 1st.

The final weekend of June, 2024 will be the last time that Bounty Jackpots will be awarded on GG Poker.
GG Poker Bounty Hunters Lobby
Bounty Hunters Lobby, GG Poker
The site also revealed what they will be using $1m the accumulated and unpaid out bounty jackpot fees as a boosted prize in the upcoming Bounty Hunters Series but full details of what this entails have yet to be released.

GG Poker cited lack of popularity of the the feature, making the decision to remove it after reviewing player feedback and analysing participation data. However they noted that it was not an easy decision to make, as they were still of the belief that it was an innovative feature.

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