Stopping Cheats in their Tracks at WPT Global

21 Jun 2024
Jonathan Raab 21 Jun 2024
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  • WPT Global President Talks About Cheat Detection & Prevention Methods
  • Uses AI detection to reduce cheating in online poker games
  • Key anti-cheating phrases word search
WPT Global President Alex Scott Discusses Cheat Detection and Prevention Methods
WPT Global President Alex Scott Blogs About Cheat Prevention Methods Used at the Online Poker Site

WPT Global President Alex Scott has taken a front seat approach to leading the world’s fastest growing online poker site. Within three years of launch, the site sits firmly in the top five poker sites, by cash game traffic. Scott posts weekly, sometimes even daily about the promotions, initiatives and future plans for WPT Global

Straight Talk with Alex Scott

Over the last few months he has posted a regular column on the WPT Blog entitled ‘Straight Talk.’ Don’t confuse this with an anti-wokery blog about family values, this is straight talk in terms of the business of online poker, something that should always be conducted with honesty and integrity. 

In Scott’s previous straight talking columns he has discussed cash game ecology management and the role of the customer service department. In his latest edition he explains what WPT Global does to catch cheats in the act and the hard-line approach they take when an account is discovered to have been cheating. 

Hit Cheats Where it Hurts

No, there isn’t an alley next to WPT Global HQ where cheats who have had their hands smashed in with a jack hammer are thrown…and there’s apparently no truth in the rumour that this approach was narrowly voted down at a recent WPT Global board room meeting.

But I digress, what did Alex Scott have to say about how WPT Global deals with cheats?

Essentially it boils down to spotting patterns of cheating in game data, something which is not new in the industry, but which has become quicker and more reliable due to AI advancements. 

WPT Global works with a company called A5 Labs, who provide a tool called Ace Guardian AI, which is used by the online poker site's large security team to help proactively spot and deal with attempts to cheat. Scott explains that with this advancement, 99% of cheating cases are discovered proactively by the site.

WPT Cheat Prevention Word Search

Rather than bore you with a full rewrite of Alex’s excellent article, we’ve prepared a word search for you with some cheat prevention phrases he used in the blog, which should give you a feel for what was discussed. 

Find the words and phrases used by Alex in this word search puzzle

WPT Global Word Search
Game IntegrityLower Cheaters Win Rate
InvestmentPrevent Withdrawals
Reduce CollusionProactive Detection
Ace Guardian AIPlayer Protection
WPT Global Tackling Cheats Word Search

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