ACR’s Venom Returns As a $10m Guaranteed Double Act

04 Jul 2024
PokerWired Staff 04 Jul 2024
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  • ACR Announces Dual Venom Events in August 2024
  • $8m Guaranteed Venom Mystery Bounty
  • $2m Guaranteed Venom PLO
  • Venom Fever Satellites Begin in July
Dual Venoms at ACR Poker in August 2024
The Venom Returns As a $10m Double Act on ACR Poker, with Mystery Bounty and PLO Editions

ACR Poker has announced the next editions of The Venom will be side-by-side events taking place during the first week of August 2024.

The high buy-in $2,650 Venom event broke records earlier this year with a $12.5m guaranteed event, which was won by DTO’s Dominik Nitsche. This time they are running two Venom events side-by-side, both with $2.650 buy-ins.

One of these is the $8m guaranteed Venom Mystery Bounty, while the other is the $2m guaranteed Venom PLO. It is the first time that a Mystery Bounty format has been used for ACR’s flagship Venom event.
The Venom Mystery Bounty
Chris Moneymaker made the final table of the $12.5m Venom in 2024

$8m Venom Mystery Bounty Details

Utilising the popular Mystery Bounty format, this edition of the $2,650 Venom will have five starting days, the first of which is on Sunday August 4th and the last on Sunday 18th August. Players can enter more than one starting day and will combine any stacks that they take through to Day 2, which takes place on Monday 19th August.

Bounties do not come into play until Day 2, when all remaining players will be in the prize money. For every player you send to the rail from day 2 onwards, you receive a mystery prize, with a minimum of $5,000 and $500,000 being the top bounty to be awarded.
The Venom PLO
Tom Dwan is now an ACR Ambassador

$2m Venom PLO Details

The $2m Venom PLO will be the biggest Pot Limit Omaha event every held on ACR, with the winner expected to bank in the region of $400,000. As per the Mystery Bounty version, players can play more than one startingh day and will have any stacks they take through to Day 2 combined.

Dual Venom Events Schedule

FlightMystery Bounty (MB)Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)
Day 1A – Sunday, Aug 4th12:05pm ET1:05pm ET
Day 1B – Thursday, Aug 8th12:05pm ET1:05pm ET
Day 1C – Sunday, Aug 11th12:05pm ET1:05pm ET
Day 1D – Thursday, Aug 15th12:05pm ET1:05pm ET
Day 1E – Sunday, Aug 18th12:05pm ET1:05pm ET
Day 2 – Monday, Aug 19th1:05pm ET1:05pm ET
Final Table – Tuesday, Aug 20th4:05pm ET4:05pm ET

Qualify with Venom Fever

Venom Fever Satellites
With such a high price tag, the Venom events are way beyond what most players can afford, or are comfortable to play for. ACR recognises this and runs a promotion called Venom Fever, which gives players multiple opportunities to qualify for the Venom, for a fraction of the usual buy-in and even for free!

ACR’s Venom Fever promotion will ensure almost 900 players win their way into the $2,650 buy-in Mystery Bounty Venom and 100 players will win their way into the PLO Venom.

Even though the Day1s do not begin until August, Venom Fever gets underway in July, with 20 Venom seats to be won via the $95 Beast tournament on July 7th. This is just one of the ways that players can secure an entry into The Venom. 

Other ways to qualify for the Venom Mystery Bounty or the Venom PLO include:

  • Freerolls: Running around the clock on ACR Poker, giving players a chance to work their way up from nothing to a $2,650 Venom Seat.
  • Mega Satellites: There will be many mega satellites scheduled in July and August, each guaranteeing multiple seats into the Venom events.
  • Multi-Flight $16.50 Tournaments: Offering another cheap way to secure a Venom seat.
  • More Promotions: Yet to be announced

The news is so new that ACR Poker hasn’t even managed to update their own website with the full details of satellites and promotions of Venom Fever. Further information will be available soon.

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