Daily Doubles Jackpots Grow at ACR Poker

20 Jun 2024
PokerWired Staff 20 Jun 2024
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  • Jackpots Rise for ACR's Daily Doubles 
  • Loncar Daily Double Jackpot over $40,000
  • Boski Daily Double Jackpot rises above $26,000
Jackpots Grow for ACR Poker's Daily Doubles
The jackpots for ACR's Daily Doubles tournament promotion have grown, with the Loncar twice its minimum and the Boski now over five times its original amount.

ACR Poker's Daily Doubles are a series of daily tournaments where players get a piece of the jackpot if they make the final table of both events in a daily double on the same day. They scoop the entire jackpot if they win both.

There are two separate Daily Doubles promotions, the Loncar and the Boski, with $55 and $11 buy-ins respectively. The Loncar's jackpot has now grown to over $40,000, while the Boski is up to $26,000.

What are the Daily Doubles on ACR Poker?

This is an easy promotion to engage with, as two versions of the Daily Double take place on ACR Poker every day. Each version has two tournaments (or they wouldn’t be doubles, right) so that’s a total of four tournaments per day that we’re talking about. 

Confused? Yes, so were we, but when the schedule gets laid out in front of you it all becomes clear.

The Daily Double - Loncar

Named after ACR Pro Michael Loncar (no, me neither), the Daily Double Loncar is a $55 MTT that takes place twice a day, starting 30-minutes apart. On Sunday the stakes are raised and it has an $88 buy-in. The aim is to play in both tournaments for a bonus payout if you make the final of both tournaments on the same day, or an even bigger bonus if you win both of them!

The Daily Double - Boski

Named after ACR Pro Jeff Boski (er, possibly, but then again, there are a lot of Jeffs in poker), the Daily Double Boski works in the same way as the Daily Double Loncar, but with a lower buy-in of $11 every day, including on Sundays.
Boski Daily Double Lobby on ACR Poker
The Daily Double Boski Tournamemt Lobby

How Does it Work?

Each Daily Double has a jackpot pool, which is funded through the prizepool, from which 3% is contributed. If a player makes the final table of both tournaments in a daily double (on the same day), they are awarded 10% of the jackpot pool. If a player wins both tournaments, they scoop 100% of the jackpot!

The jackpots can get very big, but are set at a minimum of $20,000 for the Loncar and $5,000 for the Boski. As of mid June, 2024 on ACR Poker, the Loncar jackpot had grown to over $40,000 and the Boksi was in excess of $26,000. As its very rare that anyone wins both of these on the same day, it could keep growing for years!

What about if you win all four of them? Then you'd win both jackpots, a daily double double, but this is so rare, we're going to say it will never happen. If you did, you'd probably never forget who Boski and Loncar are.

The Schedule & Guarantees

  • 6.15pm - $55 buy-in - The Daily Double - Loncar (Buy-in rises to $88 on Sundays)
  • 6.15pm - $11 buy-in - The Daily Double - Boski
  • 6.45pm - $55 buy-in - The Daily Double - Loncar (Buy-in rises to $88 on Sundays)
  • 6.45pm - $11 buy-in - The Daily Double - Boski

The Daily Double Loncar has a $20,000 guarantee on Mondays - Thursdays, $25,000 on Fridays and Satrudays and $50,0000 on Sundays.

The Daily Double Boski is guaranteed at $10,000 every day, except on Sundays, when it rises to $15,000.

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