What are T$ Builder Tournaments on GG Poker?

02 Jul 2024
PokerWired Staff 02 Jul 2024
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  • T$ Builder Tournaments on GG Poker Explained
  • Rake Free alternative to satellites for low buy-in MTTs
  • Daily T$ Builders Schedule
T$ Builder Tournaments at GG Poker
GG Poker's T$ Builder Poker Tournaments Explained

One tournament product that you might not have noticed on GG Poker is the T$ Builders tournaments which stands for Tournament $ Builder. These are low buy-in tournaments  that award prizes in T$, which can only be used for entering other tournaments on GGPoker.

One of the unique things about T$ Builder tournaments on that they are rake free, providing great value for anyone willing to grind them out. 

T$ Builder tournaments can be used to accumulate T$ to use to buy into tournaments on GGPoker. This can be an affective alternative to satellites, for lower buy-in mtts.

T$ Builder tournaments are rake free low buy-in MTTS, with the following buy-ins: $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2

They do not have guarantees and require only two players to enter in order to start. The pay out structure is similar to regular MTTs on GG Poker.

Where to Find T$ Builder Tournaments

They take place just several times a day and can be found in the main tournament lobby. To find them in the GG Poker client, click the “T$ Builder” filter tab.

Daily T$ Builder Tournament Schedule

T$ Builders tournaments take place every thirty minutes on GG Poker, throughout most of the day, with a break between 14.47 and 20.17 when none are scheduled. They take place at 17 minutes and 47 minutes past the hour.

Start Time (UTC)EventBuy-in
00:17T$ Builder $2$2.00
00:47T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
01:17T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
01:47T$ Builder $1$1.00
02:17T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
02:47T$ Builder $2$2.00
03:17T$ Builder $1$1.00
03:47T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
04:17T$ Builder $2$2.00
04:47T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
05:17T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
05:47T$ Builder $1$1.00
06:17T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
06:47T$ Builder $2$2.00
07:17T$ Builder $1$1.00
07:47T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
08:17T$ Builder $2$2.00
08:47T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
09:17T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
09:47T$ Builder $1$1.00
10:17T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
10:47T$ Builder $2$2.00
11:17T$ Builder $1$1.00
11:47T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
12:17T$ Builder $2$2.00
12:47T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
13:17T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
13:47T$ Builder $1$1.00
14:17T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
14:47T$ Builder $2$2.00
20:17T$ Builder $2$2.00
20:47T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
21:17T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
21:47T$ Builder $1$1.00
22:17T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
22:47T$ Builder $2$2.00
23:17T$ Builder $1$1.00
23:47T$ Builder $0.25$0.25

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