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What is the GG Masters Series on GG Poker?

03 Jul 2024
Jonathan Raab 03 Jul 2024
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  • Weekly Schedule for The GG Masters at GG Poker
  • $3m guaranteed every week
  • Six daily $25 freezeout tournaments
  • Bigger events on Sundays
GG Masters Freezeout Series Every Day at GG Poker
GGPoker's GG Masters is a Freezeout Series with at least $3m guaranteed every week.

GG Poker is such a big site, with so much going on, that It can sometimes be a bit confusing getting to know what all the different tournament series are. 

A lot of the tournament brands on the site, especially tournament series are prefixed with GG and when they are followed by words that all begin with the letter "M", so it’s not surprising there’s a bit of an identity crisis for new players.

One which might have caught your eye in the GG Poker Lobby is the GG Masters. This is an ongoing series of tournaments, with several daily editions all with $25 buy-ins and special ones on Sundays, with bigger buy-ins and bigger guarantees.

There is one significant thing I forgot to mention about the GG Masters…they are all freezeout tournaments. That’s right, no rebuys, no re-entries, its “one and done” as some like to say, a bit like the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Where to Find GG Masters in the GG Poker Lobby

You might have noticed the permanent button for the GG Masters on the GG Poker lobby menu, its the one with the yellow $3m GTD banner above it, quite hard to miss. Click on this tab to find GG Masters events and satellites.
GG Masters Lobby on GG Poker

The GG Masters Schedule

Freezeouts are a rare thing in poker these days, but they can be found on most sites, usually with pretty small guarantees. However the GG Masters is certainly not a small series, in fact there is at least $3m guaranteed every week.

Daily GG Masters Events

Throughout the week the buy-in for all six daily GG Masters tournaments is $25, with guarantees ranging from $25,000-$70,000. Some of these are bounty tournaments (PKOs), others are regular vanilla poker tournaments, the classic format without any whistles or bells. 

On Saturday, in addition to the regular six $25 mtts, there is also a $108 GG Masters Bonus Bounty with a $125,000 guarantee.

And of course, let’s not forget that they are all freezeouts. When your stack is gone, it’s gone and it ain’t coming back, no matter how big your bankroll is. Yeah, maybe you should just go cry right now...or get your best poker mind screwed on and go do battle with that single bullet of yours.

GGMasters Asia $25$25$25,000Monday - Saturday 11:00 (UTC)
GGMasters Double Stack $25$25$30,000Monday - Saturday 13:00 (UTC)
GGMasters Bounty Warm-Up $25$25$70,000Monday - Saturday 15:00 (UTC)
GGMasters Classic $25$25$30,000~$40,000Monday - Saturday 17:00 (UTC)
GGMasters Bounty $25$25$30,000~$40,000Monday - Saturday 19:00 (UTC)
GGMasters Bounty Turbo $25$25$25,000Everyday 21:00 (UTC)
GGMasters Bonus Bounty $108$108$125,000Saturday ONLY 17:30 (UTC)

GG Masters on Sundays

Sundays are a bit different however. Only one of the regular $25 tournaments makes it onto the GG Masters Sunday schedule, with the rest of the day being reserved for three bigger buy-in tournaments, all with huge guarantees.

GGMasters High Rollers $1,050$1,050$500,000~$750,000Every Sunday 17:00 (UTC)
GGMasters $150$150$500,000Every Sunday 17:00 (UTC)
GGMasters Bounty $320$320$400,000Every Sunday 18:30 (UTC)
GG Masters $150 Lobby

Satellite Your Way In to the GG Masters

The buy-ins on Sundays are not cheap and in order to help more players take part in these big guarantee events, GG Poker runs lower priced satellite tournaments which award seats into GG Masters tournaments as their prizes. 

Note that if you do qualify and win a seat via a satellite, you will be automatically registered to the target GG Masters event and will not be permitted to un-register.

GG Masters Satellite Schedule

Satellites start from as little as $1.50, however the schedule is not fixed, so its best to check the GG Poker lobby for start times, guarantees and further details on the current satellite schedule. 

As of June 2024, the satellites available to GG Masters events included:

  • $1.50 step satellite > $15 step satellite > $150 GG Masters on Sundays
  • $3 step satellite > $33 step satellite > $320 GG Masters Bounty on Sundays
  • $108 satellite > $1,050 GG Masters High Roller on Sundays
  • $3 satellite > $25 GG Masters Daily Events
  • $5 ultra satellite > $25 GG Masters Daily Events

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