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iPoker’s Updated Sunday MTT Session Schedule

01 Jul 2024
Jonathan Raab 01 Jul 2024
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  • iPoker's most up-to-date Sunday MTT Schedule
  • Network growth has gone hand-in-hand with MTT schedule growth
iPoker Network
iPoker's Recently Updated Sunday MTT Schedule 

iPoker is one of the biggest poker networks, with over twenty different skins and is available for players in many countries. Sites such as Betfred, Grosvenor Poker and Bet 365 Poker are poker rooms on the iPoker network.

On poker networks, many of the games are shared across all skins, so tournaments will have players from a variety of different sites, all sharing the same liquidity. This enables sites that might not have enough customers to be viable as a standalone poker room to still be able to offer their player base a wide choice of games, with thousands of opponents online at any one time.

iPoker has had a history of ups and downs, being a very large room at one time, before shrinking in size, but in recent years it has been one of the fastest growing online poker platforms. This has been achieved through a combination of onboarding new skins to the network and making significant improvements to the product.

This improvement is most noted in the network’s MTT schedule, which has been growing with almost every new online series they do. The iPops tournament brand of the past is now long gone and now the network hosts a more varied online series offering. 

In fact, there are so many online tournament series on iPoker, and other smaller series, known as ‘Poker Episodes,’ that the regular weekly schedule is very rarely just that. The regular schedule is usually incorporated into online series with a lot of changes and additions, so it very rarely remains the same.

The Sunday MTT Schedule on iPoker

PokeWired caught up with ipoker Network Tournaments & Promotions Manager Michael Bedulskis, to find out what’s actually on the regular Sunday schedule. He confirmed that the schedule rarely mirrors the basic schedule that he supplied, which is the most up-to-date version of the key tournaments that take place on Sundays on iPoker.

We barely have any weekends with vanilla schedule running. Most weekends we are either in a middle of some series or running a network episode. This is where most of our €100k+ tournaments come from.

While this Sunday MTT schedule is not set in stone, as Bedulskis alluded to, its a pretty good guide to what to expect on a typical Sunday on an iPoker site, such as Betfred or bet365. When there is an online series taking place, some of these tournaments might be replaced with others that are more in-keeping with the theme of the festival, e.g. Mystery Bounties. Or they might have even bigger gaurantees than the ones listed below.

TournamentBuy-inGuaranteeStart TimeType
€15,000 GTD Sunday Bounty XL€ 25€ 15,00014:00 CETKO Tournament
€11,000 GTD Session Starter€ 40€ 11,00015:30 CETKO Tournament
€10,000 GTD Session Starter€ 150€ 10,00015:30 CETKO Tournament
€25,000 GTD Sunday Bounty King€ 25€ 25,00016:30 CETKO Tournament
€15,000 GTD Sunday Warm-Up€ 100€ 15,00017:00 CETRegular Tournament
€20,000 GTD Sunday Warm-Up€ 500€ 20,00017:00 CETRegular Tournament
€10,000 GTD Sunday Mini Warm-Up€ 20€ 10,00017:00 CETRegular Tournament
€30,000 GTD Masterclass€ 100€ 30,00017:30 CETDeepstack Tournament (24-Hour Late Reg)
€15,000 GTD Masterclass Mini€ 25€ 15,00017:30 CETDeepstack Tournament (24-Hour Late Reg)
€60,000 GTD Sunday Eliminator€ 50€ 60,00018:00 CETKO Tournament
€25,000 GTD Sunday Eliminator HR€ 250€ 25,00018:00 CETKO Tournament
€75,000 GTD Main Sunday Sweat€ 100€75,000~€100,00019:00 CETKO Tournament
€15,000 GTD Sunday Showdown€ 30€ 15,00019:00 CETKO Tournament
€10,000 GTD Sunday Mini Hunter€ 10€ 10,00019:30 CETKO Tournament
€15,000 GTD Sunday Second Chance€ 60€ 15,00020:30 CETKO Tournament
€15,000 GTD Sunday Special€ 50€ 15,00021:00 CETRegular Tournament
€10,000 GTD Big Deuce€ 2€ 10,00021:15 CETMulti-Day PKO Tournament – Day 2
€15,000 GTD Mystery Mini€ 5€ 15,00022:30 CETMulti-Day PKO Tournament – Day 2

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