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The long awaited and much anticipated schedule for the 55th annual World Series of Poker has now been revealed. The series takes place at the linked casinos of the Horseshoe (formerly Ballys) and Paris in Las Vegas from May 28th until July 17th, 2024. The 2024 schedule includes 99 bracelet events, the most ever awarded in a single series, up from the 95 that were won in 2023. 

Qualifying details aren’t known yet, but it is likely that as per 2023, players will be able to not only qualify for live WSOP events at GG Poker, but also take part on cue again in online bracelet events. There are also expected to be qualifying options for the WSOP Main Event on Club GG and for residents of some states, WSOP online is also an option.

WSOP 2024 Key Information

WSOP 2024Information
DatesMay 28 -July 17, 2024
LocationLas Vegas Strip, Horseshoe & Paris Casinos
Live Bracelet Events99
Buy-in range$300 to $250,000
$10,000 Main Event datesJuly 3-17

World Series of Poker 2024 Highlights

The series takes place at the linked casinos of the Horseshoe (formerly Ballys) and Paris in Las Vegas from May 28th until July 17th, 2024. 

Overall the schedule is very similar to last year's, with a few minor changes and additions. These are the highlights and key takeaways from the 2024 WSOP Bracelet Event Schedule

  • 99 bracelet events
  • Main Event runs from July 4th -17th, including four starting days
  • New Independence Day event
  • More Multi-Starting Day events
  • Expanded PLO Offering
  • Daily Deepstacks Schedule running side-by-side with bracelet events
  • Satellites all become Landmark (milestone) format
  • GG Poker aiming for 1,000 main event online qualifiers

The series also includes 24/7 live cash game action and a permanent Hall of Fame Poker Room. The series also includes the $300 Gladiators of Poker event for its second outing. Once again, it is  the lowest buy-in event on the schdule and the lowest in WSOP history for a live event.

The $10,000 Main Event is set for July 4-17 following last year’s 10,043 player field, the largest in the history of the WSOP.

WSOP Online Qualifiers & Online Bracelet Events 2024

Players on GG Poker can compete every Sunday in Road to Vegas satellites that cost $1,200 to enter and award $12,000 packages for every 10 players registered. 

GG Poker is attempting to qualify 1,000 players for the 2024 WSOP Main Event. In 2023 GG Poker qualified 774 online players via its Road to Vegas promotion.

Early signs are that they will meet this target, but not without it costing them a lot in missed guarantees, as written about on PokerWired.

World Series of Poker Schedule 2024

The 99 event schedule includes a mix of old and new and will be played out on a total of 700 tables, spread across three main tournament rooms. This is the highest number of tables that the series has ever employed and suggests that if the players turn up in big enough numbers, the WSOP will be ready for new records to be set once again.

New Events

There are 12 new events taking place at the 55th WSOP this summer. The Champions Reunion, Independence Day Celebration and Bomb Pot events are clearly the standout new events of the year, but there’s quite a few others that will also peak players’ interest. 

Omaha players are certainly well catered for this series and as well as the inaugural mixed game bomb pot event there are also three other new Omaha events and a mixed game event that includes Omaha variants. For those with deep pockets there’s the $10,000 Big O Championship event that takes place near the start of the series and the $10,000 Mixed Game Championship, which is near the end. Perhaps the most anticipated of the new Omaha events is the $1,000 Pot Limit Omaha Mystery Bounty event. With a high turnout expected, this is being staged with two starting days.

The inclusion of a $5,000 Seniors High Roller is also a first and the $3,000 Mid-Stakes Championship will likely be a very popular new event, taking place towards the end of the series, while the main event is still in full flow.

Many of the new events are at lower price points and will be accessible to more players, with the cheapest being the $600 Pokernews Deepstack Championship. Most championship events at the WSOP have a $10,000 price tag, making this is a great opportunity for lower staking players to have a shot at winning a championship tournament.

The Full Bracelet Schedule
Event #DateEventBuy-In
1May 28thChampions Reunion No-Limit Hold'em Freezeout (8-Handed)$5,000
2May 29thCasino Employees No-Limit Hold'em$500
3May 29thWSOP Kickoff No-Limit Hold'em Freezeout$500
4May 30thOmaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better (8-Handed)$1,500
5aMay 30thMystery Millions No-Limit Hold'em - Flight A$1,000
6May 30thHeads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship$25,000
7May 31stDealers Choice (6-Handed)$1,500
5bMay 31stMystery Millions No-Limit Hold'em - Flight B$1,000
8May 31stPot-Limit Omaha (8-Handed)$5,000
9Jun 1stLimit Hold'em (8-Handed)$1,500
5cJun 1stMystery Millions No-Limit Hold'em - Flight C$1,000
10Jun 2ndOmaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship (8-Handed)$10,000
5dJun 2ndMystery Millions No-Limit Hold'em - Flight D$1,000
11Jun 3rdBadugi$1,500
12Jun 3rdNo-Limit Hold'em (6-Handed)$1,500
13Jun 4thDealers Choice Championship (6-Handed)$10,000
14Jun 4thSuper Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold'em Freezeout$1,000
15Jun 4thPot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better (8-Handed)$1,500
16Jun 5thNo-Limit Hold'em (8-Handed)$5,000
17Jun 5thNo-Limit Hold'em Deepstack$800
18Jun 5thPot-Limit Omaha (8-Handed)$1,500
19Jun 6thLimit Hold'em Championship (8-Handed)$10,000
20aJun 6thGladiators of Poker No-Limit Hold'em - Flight A$300
21Jun 6thHigh Roller No-Limit Hold'em (6-Handed)$25,000
22Jun 7thLimit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw (6-Handed)$1,500
20bJun 7thGladiators of Poker No-Limit Hold'em - Flight B$300
23aJun 7thShootout No-Limit Hold'em - Flight A$1,500
24Jun 7thPot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship$10,000
23bJun 8thShootout No-Limit Hold'em - Flight B$1,500
20cJun 8thGladiators of Poker No-Limit Hold'em - Flight C$300
25Jun 9thNo-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed$3,000
20dJun 9thGladiators of Poker No-Limit Hold'em - Flight D$300
26Jun 9thHigh Roller No-Limit Hold'em (8-Handed)$25,000
27Jun 10thBig O$1,500
28Jun 10thFreezeout No-Limit Hold'em$1,500
29Jun 11thLimit 2-7 Triple Draw Championship (6-Handed)$10,000
30Jun 11thMixed No-Limit Hold'em / Pot-Limit Omaha Deepstack$600
31Jun 11thNo-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed$3,000
32Jun 12thSeven Card Stud$1,500
33Jun 12thPot-Limit Omaha Deepstack (8-Handed)$600
34Jun 12th$No-Limit Hold'em Freezeout$2,500
35Jun 13thH.O.R.S.E.$1,500
36Jun 13thNo-Limit Hold'em Deepstack (8-Handed)$800
37Jun 14thBig O Championship$10,000
38aJun 14thMonster Stack No-Limit Hold'em - Flight A$1,500
39Jun 14thHigh Roller No-Limit Hold'em (8-Handed)$50,000
40Jun 15thRazz$1,500
38bJun 15thMonster Stack No-Limit Hold'em - Flight B$1,500
41Jun 15thMixed NLH / PLO Double Board Bomb Pot$1,500
42Jun 16thSeven Card Stud Championship$10,000
38cJun 16thMonster Stack No-Limit Hold'em - Flight C$1,500
43Jun 17thMixed PLO / Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better / Big O$1,500
44Jun 17thNo-Limit Hold'em$2,000
45Jun 18thH.O.R.S.E. Championship$10,000
46aJun 18thSeniors No-Limit Hold'em Championship - Flight A$1,000
47Jun 18thHigh Roller No-Limit Hold'em$100,000
48Jun 19thPot-Limit Omaha (8-Handed)$1,000
46bJun 19thSeniors No-Limit Hold'em Championship - Flight B$1,000
49Jun 19th$3,000 No-Limit Hold'em Freezeout$3,000
50Jun 20th$10,000 Razz Championship$10,000
51Jun 20th$Super Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold'em Freezeout$1,500
52Jun 20thNo-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed$5,000
53Jun 21stNine Game Mix (7-Handed)$3,000
54aJun 21stMillionaire Maker No-Limit Hold'em - Flight A$1,500
55Jun 21stSuper High Roller No-Limit Hold'em$250,000
56Jun 22ndMixed Triple Draw Lowball (Limit)$2,500
54bJun 22ndMillionaire Maker No-Limit Hold'em - Flight B$1,500
57Jun 23rdSuper Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold'em Freezeout$10,000
54cJun 23rdMillionaire Maker No-Limit Hold'em - Flight C$1,500
58Jun 24thPoker Players Championship$50,000
59Jun 24thSuper Seniors No-Limit Hold'em$1,000
60Jun 24thNo-Limit Hold'em$3,000
61Jun 25thMixed Games: Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better/Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better$2,500
62Jun 25thPokerNews Deepstack Championship No-Limit Hold'em$600
63Jun 26thNo-Limit Hold'em Lowball Draw (7-Handed)$1,500
64Jun 26thNo-Limit Hold'em Deepstack$600
65Jun 26thSeniors High Roller No-Limit Hold'em$5,000
66Jun 27thPot-Limit Omaha Championship$10,000
67Jun 27thSalute to Warriors - No-Limit Hold'em$500
68Jun 27thNo-Limit Hold'em$2,500
69Jun 28thSeven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better$1,500
70aJun 28thColossus No-Limit Hold'em - Flight A$400
71Jun 28thLadies Championship No-Limit Hold'em$10,000
72Jun 29thNo-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw Championship (7-Handed)$10,000
70bJun 29thColossus No-Limit Hold'em - Flight B$400
73Jun 30thHigh Roller Pot-Limit Omaha$25,000
70cJun 30thColossus No-Limit Hold'em - Flight C$400
74Jul 1stSeven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship$10,000
75Jul 1stTag Team No-Limit Hold'em$1,000
76Jul 1stMystery Bounty No-Limit Hold'em (8-Handed)$10,000
77Jul 2ndMixed Big Bet (6-Handed)$2,500
78Jul 2ndMini Main Event$1,000
79Jul 3rdHigh Roller Pot-Limit Omaha$50,000
80aJul 3rdIndependence Day Celebration - No-Limit Hold'em - Flight A$800
81aJul 3rdMain Event No-Limit Hold'em World Championship - Day 1A$10,000
80bJul 4thIndependence Day Celebration - No-Limit Hold'em - Flight B$800
81bJul 4thMain Event No-Limit Hold'em World Championship - Day 1B$10,000
81cJul 5thMain Event No-Limit Hold'em World Championship - Day 1C$10,000
81dJul 6thMain Event No-Limit Hold'em World Championship - Day 1D$10,000
82Jul 7thNo-Limit Hold'em$1,000
83Jul 7thEight Game Mix (6-Handed)$1,500
84Jul 8thUltra Stack No-Limit Hold'em - Flight A$600
85Jul 8thFlip & Go No-Limit Hold'em Presented by GGPoker$600
84Jul 9thUltra Stack No-Limit Hold'em - Flight B$600
86Jul 9thMystery Bounty No-Limit Hold'em - Flight A$1,000
87Jul 10thNo-Limit Hold'em (8-Handed)$5,000
86Jul 10thMystery Bounty No-Limit Hold'em - Flight B$1,000
88Jul 11thEight Game Mix (6-Handed)$10,000
89Jul 11thMid-Stakes No-Limit Hold'em Championship - Flight A$3,000
90Jul 11thPot-Limit Omaha (6-Handed)$1,500
91Jul 12thH.O.R.S.E. (8-Handed)$3,000
89Jul 12thMid-Stakes No-Limit Hold'em Championship - Flight B$3,000
92Jul 13thHigh Roller No-Limit Hold'em$50,000
93Jul 13thLucky 7's No-Limit Hold'em - Flight A$777
94Jul 14thNo-Limit Hold'em Championship (6-Handed)$10,000
93Jul 14thLucky 7's No-Limit Hold'em - Flight B$777
95Jul 14thPoker Hall of Fame Bounty No-Limit Hold'em$1,979
96Jul 15thHigh Roller H.O.R.S.E.$25,000
93Jul 15thLucky 7's No-Limit Hold'em - Flight C$777
97Jul 15thPot-Limit Omaha (6-Handed)$3,000
98Jul 16thNo-Limit Hold'em - The Closer - Flight A$1,500
98Jul 17thNo-Limit Hold'em - The Closer - Flight B$1,500
99Jul 17thSuper Turbo No-Limit Hold'em$1,000

Television & Streaming Schedule, Final Tables

Most players dream of making a final table and being on television or a streamed final table on PokerGO. CBS Sports is back for a third season as the WSOP broadcast partner. PokerGO will stream action daily as well.

Poker fans looking to check out some final tables can head to the Horseshoe for the final table television set. There are also several feature tables located outside the final table area as well.

A complete streaming has yet to be released. Check back here for updates.

Daily Deepstacks, Weekly Events & Satellites

Those heading to Las Vegas have some other events they might want to check out. Here’s a look at some of those as well as some key details to keep in mind when heading to the WSOP.

Daily DeepStack Events

While the main focus of the WSOP is on the bracelet events, there are also daily deepstack tournaments priced at a much more affordable level. These take place three times a day, running from May 28th until July 15th. The schedule is the same every day.
Start TimeBuy-In

Weekly H.O.R.S.E and Seniors Tournaments

There are also weekly $250 H.O.R.S.E. and Seniors No Limit Hold'em tournaments on Mondays and Thursdays respectively.

DatesEventStart TimeBuy-In
Monday Only June 3rd-July 15thH.O.R.S.E</td>3pm$250
Thursdays Only May 30th-June 11thSeniors(50+) NLH9am$250

Landmark Satellites

The format of live satellites to WSOP events has been changed for 2024. Over the last few years most live poker operators have made the same switch, abandoning the traditional satellite format where the tournament ends when the  number of players left is exactly number of seats being awarded to the target event. The new format, for which each operator has slightly confusingly given a different name. The WPT calls them milestone satellites and the WSOP has chosen to call them Landmark satellites. In this format a target number of chips is pre-determined and once players have built a chip stack that is equal or greater to that target, they are awarded a seat in the target event and their chips are removed from play. It is a more exciting format and speeds up the process for most of the seat winners. 

While the format of the satellites has changed, the schedule remains similar to that of the previous year. 
Satellites take place throughout the series, with specific satellites to the main event, the $5,000 and $10,000 Championship events and several other selected bracelet events. These usually take place the day before the target event begins.

There are also 'casino credit'  The satellites that award casino chips give players full flexibility to decide which event to use their winnings to play. As the prize in these is casino chips, you can also use them to play casino games, or simply cash them out at the casino cage and use it for something entirely different.

For full details of the satellite schedule, please check out part 5 of PokerWired's dedicated 2024 WSOP Players' Guide.

WSOP Streaming

The 54th annual series World Series of Poker is set for May 30 – July 18 at the Horseshoe and Paris casinos in Las Vegas. This year’s festival features 95 live events and another 20 online tournaments.

Poker fans around the world can follow the action on PokerGO. The streaming platform will offer 47 consecutive days of live broadcasts beginning June 1. 

The highlight is streaming of the $10,000 Main Event from July 3-17 with 30 other gold bracelet events also on tap. Other major tournament on the streaming schedule include:

  • $50,000 Poker Players Championship
  • $250,000 High Roller
  • Tournament of Champions
  • $1,500 Monster Stack
  • $1,000 Ladies Championship

The majority of streamed events are on the PokerGO platform, available worldwide on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and web or mobile browser. A selection of WSOP tournaments will also be available on the PokerGO YouTube channel or via PokerGO World Series of Poker Streaming.

World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) 2024

In addition to the annual poker marathon that is the WSOP, there are also a vast number of World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) events, held in the USA and in venues in Europe and Africa. WSOPC festivals are held throughout the year and in 2023 there were an astonishing 40 such festivals. 

The full 2024 WSOPC schedule hasn’t been released, but as the WSOP seasons start in July after the summer WSOP has concluded, those up until the end of May are already on the calendar. Between January and May 2024, a total of 20 WSOPC festivals will take place. 

While the WSOP awards bracelets to its winners, the WSOPC has Ring events. Not all tournaments at WSOPC festivals are Ring events, but there are usually 12-18 of these on each schedule. The main event buy-in at WSOPC events is $1,700 for events in the USA and Canada and between €1,100-€1,500 for events outside the USA.

Here’s the WSOPC schedule for the first half of 2024, split into festivals in the USA and International Circuit Events.

WSOPC USA Events in 2024

EventFestival DatesMain Event DatesRing EventsLocation
WSOPC Dallas/Oklahoma3-12 January12-15 January18Choctaw Casino, Durant, Oklahoma
WSOPC Lincoln11-22 January19-22 January15Thunder Valley Resort Casino, Lincoln, California
WSOPC Mississippi18-29 January25-29 January16Horseshoe Casino & Hotel, Tunica, Mississippi
WSOPC Pompano Beach1-12 February8-12 February17Harrah's Pompano Beach, Florida
WSOPC North Carolina15-26 February22-26 February19Harrah's Cherokee, North Carolina
WSOPC Chicago29 February - 11 March7-11 March16Horseshoe Casino, Hammond, Indiana
WSOPC Tulsa7-18 March15-18 March13Hard Rock Casino & Hotel, Tulsa, Oklahoma
WSOPC New York14-25 March21-25 March18Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, New York
WSOPC Las Vegas21 March - 1 April29 March - 1 April18Horseshoe Las Vegas, Nevada
WSOPC Chicago4-15 April11-15 April18Grand Victoria Casino, Elgin, Illinois
WSOPC Mississippi18-29 April26-29 April16Horseshoe Casino & Hotel, Tunica, Mississippi
WSOPC North Carolina2-13 May10-13 May18Harrah's Cherokee, North Carolina
WSOPC Southern Indiana9-20 May17-20 May17Caesar's Southern Indiana, Elizabeth, Indiana

WSOPC International Events in 2024

EventFestival DatesMain Event Dates# Events on ScheduleRing EventsLocation
WSOPC Rozvadov II3-16 January12-16 January1512Kings Casino, Rozvadov, Czech Republic
WSOPC Marrakech12-21 January18-21 January3112Casino de Marrakech, Morocco
WSOPC Calgary10-22 January18-22 January2715Deerfoot Inn & Casino, Calgary, Canada
WSOPC Rio de Janeiro12-20 March14-20 March1514Windsor Maparendi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
WSOPC Nottingham15-25 March21-25 March1111Dusk Till Dawn, Nottingham, England
WSOPC Cannes12-22 April18-22 April1212Le Croisette Casino, Cannes, France
WSOPC Calgary1-13 MayTBCTBCTBCDeerfoot Inn & Casino, Calgary, Canada
WSOPC Netherlands3-11 MayTBCTBCTBCHolland Casino, Venlo, Netherlands
WSOPC Paris22-28 MayTBCTBCTBCStade Jean-Bouin, Paris, France

History of the World Series of Poker

The WSOP was the vision of Benny Binion, who rebranded a downtown Vegas casino as Binion’s Horseshoe in 1951. 

The former Dallas gangster always looked for some media attention to bring in gamblers and believed a high-stakes poker game featuring some of the best players in the country could do just that.

That first event brought in only a handful of players, many from Texas, including poker legends like Doyle Brunson, Johnny Moss, and Amarillo Slim Preston. 

That initial WSOP didn’t even feature a tournament. Those in attendance played cash games in various formats with the players voting Moss as the best all-around player.

A Texas Hold’em tournament format became the norm the next year and Moss won again. In 1972, the main tournament buy-in (now known as the Main Event) was set at $10,000, and still carries this price point today. 

Amarillo Slim took the title and several appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson followed. Seen as a seedy game at the time by many, Slim’s humorous stories gave a unique insight into the game and some nice media attention.

Early Growth

The series continued to grow in the coming years with increasing numbers of players and additional side events growing the festival’s schedule. In 1976, Binion added what has become the best-known trophy in poker with gold bracelets handed out to winners.

As of 2023, Phil Hellmuth remained at the top of the bracelet standings with 16. He became the youngest player to ever win the Main Event at the time when he took down the tournament in 1989 for $755,000. He now has $16.8 million in WSOP winnings.

“It was an amazing feeling,” Jellmuth said of his own win. “My dad flew out to support me, just on the chance that I won it. It was the first time he ever attended any tournament. Embracing him after winning the 1989 WSOP was one of the sweetest moments of my life. Winning the Main Event was my number one life goal. Luckily, I pulled it off early in my career.”

The series continued to grow both in number of players and events in the coming years. By 1991 the Main Event payout topped $1 million for the first time, remaining so for about a decade. With the popularity of online poker and televised poker, however, the series exploded in the 2000s.

Television & Online Poker Grow The Game

The World Poker Tour debuted on the Travel Channel in March 2003, allowing viewers to see players’ hole cards for the first time and to see how they played. Tournament entries ballooned and online poker also saw massive growth.

Then in May 2003, Chris Moneymaker won an online satellite via PokerStars and went on to win the Main Event for the bracelet and $2.5 million. With a media-friendly perfect surname, Moneymaker proved an amateur could conquer the pros – inspiring poker fans around the world.

The boom continued in the 2000s with massive tournament fields throughout the world and WSOP broadcasts on ESPN drawing major ratings numbers. In 2004, Harrah's Entertainment (now Caesars Entertainment) purchased the rights to the WSOP and moved the series to Rio.

In 2006, Jaime Gold won the Main Event for $12 million. This remains the largest Main Event in series history, attracting 8,773 entries for an $82.5 million prize pool. The WSOP also began moving beyond its Sin City roots with smaller circuits and events played out all over the world.

Recent years have seen a poker resurgence with live streaming on sites like Twitch, YouTube, and PokerGO continuing to grow the game. Online poker continues to see massive numbers in the wake of= the pandemic. 

This has all benefited the WSOP and organizers are using promotions like “Main Event Mania” and “Main Event for Life” in hopes of setting a new record in 2023.

Key WSOP Players & Winners

Many legends of poker have reached the winner’s circle in the WSOP Main Event and in other key tournaments. Here’s a look at just a few who stand out.

Johnny Moss

This Texan won the first two Main Event in 1970 and ‘71 then went on to win the title again in 1974. In total, he won nine bracelets and was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 1979. The lifelong poker player passed away in 1979.

"Amarillo Slim" Preston, Jr.

This Texan won the Main Event in 1972 and helped poker earn some of its earliest media attention with his humorous stories on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Doyle Brunson

The winner of the Main Event in 1976 and ‘77, Brunson remains one of the most respected players in poker. Even into his 80s, the Texan plays some of the biggest cash games in the world. He has a total of 10 WSOP bracelets as well as remains the oldest player ever to win a WOPT title. In 1979, the Hall of Famer also authored Super/System. Many consider the book to be the authoritative to modern poker strategy.

Jack “TreeTop” Straus

Another Texan, Straus won the 1982 Main Event after being down to a single chip at one point. His comeback victory gave rise to the popular poker saying, “All you need is a chip and a chair.”

Stu Ungar

After the series was dominated by Texans and southerners in the early days, New Yorker Ungar emerged as the winner of the Main Event in 1980 and ‘81. A gifted card player, many credit Ungar as being one of the best players in history. He became one of only two players, along with Moss, to win the Main Event for a third time in 1997. However in November 1998, Ungar was found dead in a Las Vegas motel room. His death was attributed to a heart condition after years of drug abuse.

Johnny Chan

This card-playing savant originally from China, who later emigrated to Houston, Texas, became known as “The Orient Express” after winning back-to-0backl Main Event titles in 1987 and ‘88.. He came close to claiming three in a row, but lost in a heads-up battle with Phil Hellmuth in 1989. Chan made a memorable cameo in the poker Rounders in 1998. He is tied with Brunson and Phil Ivey in WSOP bracelets with 10.

Chris Moneymaker

His everyman story of winning the 2003 in front of ESPN cameras after winning a seta on PokerStars helped spark the poker boom of the 2000s. Average Joe players around the world now dreamed of getting in the action. Online poker surged as well.

Jamie Gold

Winner of the 2006 Main Event, which remains the largest in history. The Los Angeles-based talent agent and television producer took down the tournament for $12 million. The tournament field saw 8,773 players for an $82,5 million.

World Series of Poker FAQS

What is the WSOP?

The World Series of Poker is the biggest and most prestigious annual live poker event in the world

Where does the WSOP take place?

The WSOP is held every summer, from late May to mid July at the linked venues of the Horseshoe Casino and Paris Casino at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip

How much will the WSOP Main Event Champion win?

The prize money awarded at the WSOP main event depends on how many players enter the tournament. Based on previous years the 2024 WSOP Main Event winner can expect to cash for at least $12m.

Who won the 2023 WSOP Main Event?

The 2023 WSOP Main Event was won by Daniel Weinman for $12.1m

Where can I qualify for the WSOP?

GG Poker is the home of online satellites to the WSOP