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    Triton Poker Series 2024

    The Triton Poker Series is the most elite series of super high roller poker tournaments and cash games in the world. Established in 2016, Triton Poker Series events take place in high-class venues around the world, providing a perfect playing environment for poker’s biggest players to contest huge prize pools. Triton Poker Series festivals take place 3-4 times per year, in locations such as London, Manila, Cyprus, Madrid, Jeju and Macau.

    A  Triton Poker Series festival will typically consist of 8-12 tournaments with buy-ins starting from as little as $15,000 up to perhaps $100,000, or maybe $250,000 if its billed as a super high roller event. Once in a blue moon they have been known to host tournaments with buy-ins as high as $1,000,000!

    Triton events are attended not only by some of the best high stakes players in the world, but by wealthy businessmen and gamblers. To ensure that the events have an even mix of professionals and non-professionals, some of the key events require pros to be ‘invited’ to play, one per ‘businessman.’ This set up naturally creates connections between pros and wealthy businessmen, many of whom become backers of the pros in Triton events and beyond.

    So far just one Triton event has been announced for 2024, in Jeju, South Korea, taking place from 5-21 March, 2024.

    Triton Poker Super High Roller Series Montenegro 2024

    The second Triton Poker series of 2024 has been announced as taking place at the Maestral Casino and Resort in Montenegro, from May 12-26. The schedule of high stakes poker tournaments has yet to be released.

    Triton Poker Series Jeju 2024

    The first event of 2024 took place at Landing Casino, Shinhwa World in Jeju, South Korea. Jeju is one of the regular stops on the tour and this will be the 3rd time that Triton has held an event here. This edition, taking place from 5-21 March is billed as a super high roller series event and included 17 tournaments on the schedule. However you may notice that on the tournament schedule (pictured below) that the number of events goes up to 19. This is because there is no event number 4 or 14, to satisfy a cultural superstition in Asian countries that four is an unlucky number.

    These are the results from the events at the series.

    Event EntriesWinner1st PrizeRunner Up
    #1. $15,000 NLH - 8 Handed269Fedor Holz$786,000Seth Gottlieb
    #2. $20,000 NLH - 8 Handed225Roland Rokita$904,000Sirzat Hissou
    #3. $25,000 NLH - 8 Handed - Silver Main298Paulius Vaitekunas$1,077,499Alex Tkatschew
    #5. $30,000 NLH - 8 Handed185Adrian Mateos$1,175,000David Peters
    #6. $25,000 GG MILLION$305Mario Mosbock$1,191,196Sergio Aido
    #7. $40,000 NLH - 7 Handed - Mystery Bounty190Dimitar Danchev$1,344,000Jonathan Jaffe
    #8. $50,000 NLH - 7 Handed190Punnat Punsri$2,010,000Sergio Aido
    #9. $150,000 NLH - 8 Handed117Elton Tsang$4,210,000Ding Biao
    #10. $50,000 NLH - Turbo - Bounty Quattro108Dan Smith$1,251,000David Coleman
    #11. $100,000 NLH - Main Event216Roman Hrabec$4,330,000Jean Noel Thorel
    #12. $25,000 PLO - 6 Handed89Quan Zhou$530,000Matthew Wood
    #13. $30,000 PLO - Bounty Quattro - 6 Handed84Nacho Barbero$763,000Dan Dvores
    #15. $50,000 PLO - 6 Handed84Ding Biao$1,107,000Phil Ivey
    #16. $25,000 Short Deck - Ante Only - 2 Bullets52Mike Watson$380,000Ren Lin
    #17. $50,000 Short Deck - Main Event67Tan Xuan$922,000Martin Nielsen
    #18. $100,000 Short Deck - Ante Only (Non TV)34Mikita Badziakouski$1,153,000Paul Phua
    #19. $20,000 Short Deck - Ante Only42Stephen Chidwick$265,000Tan Xuan

    Triton Multiple Title Winners

    Jason Koon is head and shoulders above everyone else when it comes to the most titles won. His haul of ten is twice that of his nearest challengers, Mikita Badziakouski, Phil Ivey and Danny Tang on five apiece. After Jeju 2024, five players joined the list of Triton Poker multiple title winners: Mario Mosbock, Punnat Punsri, Dan Smith, Ding Biao and Stephen Chidwick.

    This is the list of all multiple winners, correct as of March 26th, 2024. 

    PlayerTitlesTriton Prize Money
    Jason Koon10$27,149,985
    Mikita Badziakouski5$19,842,467
    Danny Tang5$15,409,404
    Phil Ivey5$10,285,569
    Fedor Holz4$13,022,140
    Wai Kin Yong4$11,531,151
    Bryn Kenney3$37,796,705
    Matthias Eibinger3$10,285,569
    Mike Watson3$9,289,683
    Chin Wei (Webster) Lim3$6,466,483
    Aaron Zang2$21,091,439
    Stephen Chidwick2$19,716,852
    Dan Smith2$19,652,316
    Timothy Adams2$14,042,448
    Punnat Punsri2$11,988,600
    Dan Dvoress2$11,502,982
    Michael Soyza2$10,166,346
    Richard Yong2$9,596,717
    Justin Bonomo2$9,589,752
    Jose (Nacho) Barbero2$9,537,607
    Tan Xuan2$9,178,936
    Rui Cao2$8,437,139
    Steve O'Dwyer2$7,577,627
    Daniel Cates2$7,376,318
    Chris Brewer2$7,115,866
    Ding Biao2$7,100,900
    Henrik Hecklen2$7,072,571
    Orpen Kisakicoglu2$6,670,096
    Ivan Leow2$6,648,887
    Mario Mosbock2$6,267,996
    Winfred Yu2$6,010,211
    John Juanda2$5,286,133
    Michael Addamo2$4,065,001
    Tom Dwan2$3,989,639

    Triton Poker Series Biggest Winners

    The biggest winner at Triton Poker Series events in Bryn Kenney. When he’s not licking frogs, the high stakes pro is usually getting the lot at the tables and despite “only” achieving three Triton tournament wins, he is over $11m ahead of ten time Triton tournament winner Jason Koon, who sits in second place on the tour’s all time money list. Kenney’s biggest cash was for £16,890,509 for second place in 2019’s £1m for Charity event in London. Despite finishing second, he collected over £3m more prize money than eventual winner Aaron Zang after a deal was done heads-up.

    Charitable Donations

    Triton doesn’t only bring the biggest game to town, it also contributes to several charities, often with local charities benefitting in locations where Triton Poker Series events take place. The £1,000,000 buy-in Triton Millions event that was held in London in 2019 included an additional £50,000 entry fee for each contestant. With 54 entries in the main event, this is ensured that £2,700,000 was collected for charity.

    Where to Watch the Triton Poker Series

    Triton Poker events are recorded with the highest production values, with no expense spared. All events can be watched on demand on the Triton Poker Series website.

    Triton Poker Series History

    The Triton Series is the proud baby of Malaysian businessmen Paul Phau and Richard Yong. Phau started his career as a casino junket operator for VIP players, progressing to run his own sportsbook, later turning his attention to poker. He became enthralled with the game when many high stakes cash games that had run in Vegas moved to Macau at the beginning of the 2010s. Paul soon learned the game and by 2012 he had won his first high roller tournament, defeating Yong heads-up in the process. The Triton Poker Series held its first event in Malaysia in 2016 and has been running several events per year ever since.

    Triton Poker Series FAQs

    What is the Triton Poker Series?

    The Triton Poker Series is a super high roller series of poker events, which takes place at locations in Europe and Asia several times per year.

    What are the buy-ins for Triton Poker Series tournaments?

    The cheapest entry level tournaments at the Triton Poker Series cost $15,000 to enter, with $20,0000, $25,000, $30,000 $50,000, $100,000 and $250,000 buy-in events usually included on Triton Poker Series Schedules. The highest buy-in Triton event was the $1m Triton Millions, which was held in London in 2021.

    Who is the tournament director for the Triton Poker Series?

    The Triton Poker Series Tournament Director (TD) is Luca Vivaldi

    Which player has won the most Triton Poker Series titles?

    Jason Koon has won twice as many Triton Poker Series tournaments than any other player. His 10 Triton title haul is five ahead of second placed Mikita Badziakouski. However Koon is not the leading money winner on the tour, as that distinction goes to Bryn Kenney, who has won over $37m on the tour.