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    Keep up with the latest online poker news. Our poker experts will bring you the most recent updates on tournaments, player achievements, game innovations, and industry trends.

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    Latest Poker Event News

    PokerWired brings you the latest news and occasionally some views about live and online poker, including tournament news and announcements, event reports and results, online poker series and promotions. Event announcements, overlay alerts and interviews are all covered, with in-depth event guides covering all aspects of major poker events and series.

    Poker Community News

    Poker is a peer to peer game. Unlike most casino games, players are serviced by the house rather than playing against the house. Poker players and those who who work in the poker industry form a unique global community of players, dealers, organisers, employees of online poker sites, poker media and fans of the game. Like all communities, people want to know what’s going on in the poker world. 

    From No Limit Hold'em to Omaha and from the World Series of Poker to the Amateur Poker Tour, everyone in the poker world is intrigued by what's going on and wants to know who are the latest big tournament winners...and losers.

    Overlay News

    Many tournaments have guaranteed prize pools. This means that the minimum prize money they will pay will the amount of the guarantee. In some tournaments with prize pool guarantees, not enough players enter to meet or exceed the guarantee. In such cases, the organiser of the tournament has to pay the difference between the collected prize pool and the guaranteed prize pool and this shortfall is known in the poker world as overlay.

    PokerWired keeps a close eye on poker tournaments that have had overlays. Both live and online poker tournaments can have overlays. The most famous recent live overlay was at the WPT World Championship, where the $10,400 Championship Event fell short of its $40m guarantee by over $2.4m 

    Online Poker Tournament Overlays

    Tournaments at online poker sites requently have overlays, with big online series and Sunday specials the most common tournaments to struggle to meet their guarantees. Sites like WPT Global even have daily and weekly 'Bump it Up' tournaments which increase their guarantees by 10% whenever they meet the prize pool guarantee. Suffice to say, they overlay more than they hit their guarantees. 

    GG Poker also runs an Overlay Special Edition of the GG Millions, which has produced big overlays for the last two years. 

    Overlays happen every day on most sites, so it's worth shopping around to find the best value, as guarantees can change on a day-by-day basis on most sites, as they react quickly to shifts in demand.

    PokerWired writes regular previews of online tournaments, including overlay alerts about the tournaments most likely to miss their guarantees. We help you find the value, before the value finds you!

    Poker News FAQs

    Where can I find the latest poker news?

    The latest news about live and online poker events can be found at PokerWired

    What are overlay alerts?

    Overlay alerts are news items about online and live poker tournaments that have missed their prize pool guarantees or are likely to miss their guarantees

    Where can I find news about live poker events?

    PokerWired has a comprehensive section about tournaments, including pages dedicated toeach of the biggest and best poker tours and series running inh 2024