WPT Prime Tour Reached New Heights in 2023 With Record Prize Money

19 Jan 2024
PokerWired Staff 19 Jan 2024
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  • WPT Prime Tour breaks records in 2023
  • A look back on the huge figures

The WPT Prime Tour is on the horizon for 2024 and it has a lot to live up to after a record breaking year in 2023.

In 2023, the WPT Prime Tour showcased notable positive trends both in field sizes and prizepools, contributing significantly to the global expansion of the game and solidifying WPT Prime as a premier mid-major tour.

In 2023, the WPT Prime Tour reached new heights, collectively awarding more than $20 million dollars across 14 events.

Spanning 12 unique countries, the tour introduced eight new locales including, WPT Prime Paris, WPT Prime Amsterdam, WPT Prime India, WPT Prime Slovakia, WPT Prime Sanremo, WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence and WPT Prime Liechtenstein, plus, an event run on WPT Global.

2023 Record Breaking Year for WPT Prime Tour

WPT Prime witnessed an unprecedented turnout with a record breaking 22,290 entries across the 14 events. 

It marked an all-time high for WPT Prime and further highlights the global appeal of the mid-major tournaments being offered.

The pinnacle of the 2023 WPT Prime Tour was undoubtedly the WPT Prime Championship. This event saw an outstanding turnout and set a new bar for what the WPT Prime Tour can achieve. 

The WPT Prime Championship set the all-time WPT entries record  at 10,512. The sum resulted in the ambitious $5 million guaranteed prizepool to be doubled, reaching $10,196,640 which marks the largest prizepool for an $1,100 buy-in event in WPT history.

WPT Prime smashed several records over the course of the season. 

Excluding the WPT Prime Championship, the WPT Prime attendance and prizepool records were continually topped throughout 2023 starting with the very first event, WPT Prime Paris, which attracted 1,071 entrants, the largest WPT event ever held in Paris, and boasted a prizepool of over $1 million.

Shortly thereafter, WPT Prime Gold Coast attracted 1,224 entries, followed by WPT Prime Taiwan with 1,359 entries.

The peak was reached at the debut of WPT Prime Liechtenstein where 1,644 participated in the championship event. This outstanding turnout not only marked a WPT Prime record, but also marked the single largest WPT event held in Europe.
Event Name
Notable Record
Prime Paris Paris 1,071 $1,127,645 Prime entries record set - non-PC
Prime Gold Coast Gold Coast 1,224 AUD $2,203,200 Prime entries and prizepool record set - non-PC
Prime Cambodia Cambodia 1,011 $980,670
Prime Amsterdam Amsterdam 1,000 $1,050,348
Prime India India 857 $618,832
Prime Slovakia Slovakia 552 €529,920
Prime Vietnam Vietnam 1,151 $1,079,611
Prime Spring Festival N/A 218 $218,000
Prime Sanremo Sanremo 838 $860,830
Prime Aix-en-Provence Aix-en-Provence 457 $482,592
Prime Taiwan Taiwan 1,359 $1,237,387 Prime entries record set - non-PC
Prime Liechtenstein Liechtenstein 1,644 $1,841,280 Prime entries and prizepool record set - non-PC, Largest WPT event in Europe
Prime Madrid Madrid 396 $387,858
Prime Championship N/A 10,512 $10,196,640 WPT all-time entries record, Largest WPT event $1,100 buy-in, Largest Prime prizepool in WPT history, Double $5 M GTD

WPT Prime Tour 2024

WPT Prime Tour returns in 2024 with great anticipation and ambition to continue smashing records. Players can join the action beginning Feb. 1 at the return of WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence. 

Entry information is available at WPT Global, where you can use the promo code NEWBONUS.

Other first half schedule stops include, WPT Prime Amsterdam, WPT Prime Voyage, WPT Prime Slovakia, WPT Prime Gold Coast, and WPT Prime Sanremo with more stops to be announced in the coming months.

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