Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) 2024

The Grosvenor UK Poker Tour is the group wide annual series of poker festivals that is run across several of the poker rooms in the Grosven
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or Casinos estate. The largest casino chain in the UK is also the major provider of live poker in the country with over 30 poker rooms. The GUKPT, which started in 2007 and is now in its 18th season features week-long festivals several times a year, most with main events of £1,000 buy-in or more.

GUKPT 2024 Schedule

Grosvenor Casinos once again released their full Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) calendar for the year in advance of the start of the season. They have however now made some small changes to the schedule and as of January 17th, the revised 2024 calendar now looks like this:
LegDatesVenueMain event buy-in
14 - 14 JanuaryLondon - The Vic£1,100+£150
21 - 11 FebruaryManchester - Bury New Road£1,100+£150
UK Open22 February - 3 MarchCoventry£1,350+£150
310 - 17 MarchBlackpool£1,100+£150
44 - 14 AprilEdinburgh£900+£100
525 April - 5 MayLuton£900+£100
616 - 26 MayLondon - The Vic£1,100+£150
730 May - 9 JuneLeeds£900+£100
Goliath25 July - 4 AugustCoventry£160+£40
812 - 22 SeptemberLuton£1,100+£150
930 October - 10 NovemberBlackpool£1,100+£150
Grand Final21 November - 1 DecemberLondon - The Vic£1,800+£200

Qualifying Online at Grosvenor Poker

In addition to running several live satellites for each stop on the tour, online customers have a very flexible qualifying system at Grosvenor Poker. Taking place several times per day at various different buy-in levels are live credit satellites. Winners receive a set amount of live credit that can be used to buy-in to any of the live poker events run in Grosvenor Casinos. 

National Poker League

Many of the poker tournament events run at Grosvenor Casinos are a part of an overarching leaderboard, which Grosvenor Casinos has run for several years. This includes not only the GUKPT main event and side events, but also 25/50 events, the UK Open, the UKPL and the Goliath. Points are awarded for finishing in the money (the higher you finish, the more points awarded) and at the end of the year, a minimum of £250,000 in prizes is paid out. The winner receives a sponsorship package valued at £40,000 and there are prizes all the way down to 219th place. Some online events also count towards the leaderboard as well, incentivising everyone who is playing poker with Grosvenor to take part, whether live or online from home.

25/50 Events in 2024

These are one-off £250 buy-in events that form a part of the National League and take place throughout the year across the Grosvenor estate. They are named as such because players start with a 25k starting stack and the prize pool is guaranteed at £50,000. These events used to be called 25/25, however they have become so popular that this year, Grosvenor Casinos decided to double the guarantee, hence the name change for the events. In 2023 there were 32 of these 2-day events and not only did all of them at least double their £25,000 guarantees but 20 of them made prize pools of over £100,000. The biggest of them almost made it to £200,000!

25/50 Events Format

The format and of 25/50 games is the same in every location, each starting with an online day 1, followed by four live starting day flights before the tournament concludes on the second day.

Buy-InGuaranteeRe-entriesLate Reg UntilChips
£220+£30£50,000Max 2 re-entries per start dayStart of Day 225,000
DayTimeEvent nameLevels playedClock
Wednesday20:00Day 1 Online1515 mins
Thursday19:00Day 1A1530 mins
Friday19:00Day 1B1530 mins
Saturday16:00Day 1C1530 mins
Sunday12:00Day 1D TURBO1515 mins
Sunday16:30Day 2Until it Ends40 mins

25/50 Events Schedule 2024

Grosvenor have not only doubled the guarantee to £50,000 for all 25/50 events in 2024, they also almost doubled the scheduling, with a total of 58 events taking place throughout the year.
Round 117 - 21 January 2024Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, Portsmouth
Round 224 - 28 January 2024Luton, Dundee, Blackpool, Birmingham Hill St, Newcastle
Round 27 - 11 February 2024The Vic - London
Round 314 - 18 February 2024Sheffield, Bolton, Walsall, Reading South
Round 46 - 10 March 2024Leicester, Manchester BNR, Newcastle, Edinburgh
Round 420 - 24 March 2024The Vic - London
Round 517 - 21 April 2024Glasgow, Coventry, Luton, Portsmouth, Stockton
Round 68 - 12 May 2024Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Reading South
Round 728 August - 1 September 2024Edinburgh, Coventry, Blackpool, Stockton, Sheffield, Portsmouth
Round 825 - 29 September 2024Leeds, Blackpool, Leicester
Round 92 - 6 October 2024Leicester, Reading South, Bolton, Newcastle, Edinbrugh
Round 1023 - 27 October 2024Walsall, The Vic - London, Manchester BNR, Leeds, Glasgow
Round 1113 - 17 November 2024Liverpool, Portsmouth, Luton, Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh
Round 126 - 10 December 2024Walsall, The Vic - London, Manchester BNR, Sheffield, Glasgow

The Goliath 2024

The Goliath is the jewel in Grosvenor Poker’s crown. This annual event had been running since 2011 and every live edition has broken the previous attendance record. The event is now so big that the 11,493 entries in the 2023 edition made it the largest single event ever to take place outside Las Vegas. That event was won by Alex Todd, who took home a massive £178,000 in the £120+£30 event. 

This year there is a slight change to the event, as the buy-in is increasing from £120+£30 to £160+£40. It remains to be seen whether this massive event will keep growing its attendance with this 33% hike in the cost to play, but it is still expected to be the biggest live poker event in the UK, by quite some distance. It takes place at Grosvenor Coventry from July 25 - August 4, 2024.

All-Time Goliath Winners

Apart from in 2020 and 2021, when the Goliath did not run, the event has seen growth in participation every year it has been held. These are all the previous winners of the Grosvenor Goliath.

YearWinnerEntriesPrize Pool1st Place
2011Lee Rawson1,765£176,500£32,705
2012Leslie Fenton1,954£200,000£35,800
2013Jake Skidmore2,568£257,000£29,690
2014Ryan Foster3,394£339,400£62,320
2015Miikka Toikka4,210£421,000£70,800
2016Vamshi Vandanapu5,232£523,200£62,750
2017Elliott Marais6,385£638,500£85,760
2018Florian Duta7,584£758,400£101,450
2019Lee Reynolds9,300£911,410£64,601
2022Kyle Jeffrey10,584£1,219,310£200,000
2023Alex Todd11,493£1,324,000£176,860

Live Streaming

Grosvenor have a live stream for all the GUKPT the UK Open and the Goliath, hosted by Phil “The Tower” Heald and Jay Harwood. In addition to calling the action on feature and final tables, the stream features competitions and online ticket giveaways and is a perfect companion for anyone playing online poker on Sunday evenings, when most of the live final tables take place. 

GUKPT Results 2024

The first GUKPT festival of 2024 in London was won by Luke Porter, who scooped the first prize of £116,710 after beating Tom Hall heads-up for the trophy. Click here to read about his victory.
The second leg of the tour took place in Manchester in February and was won by the mercurial Vincent Meli, who outlasted a field of 426 players to take the top prize of £83,895. Read about his win here.
The third GUKPT festival of 2024 was in Blackpool and was won by Ludovic Geilich, who dominated a field of 207 players to scoop the £56,150 first prize and his second GUKPT main event title in less than a year. Read the story of his victory here.

GUKPT Main Event Winners 2023

LegWinnerEntriesTotal Prize Pool1st Place Prize
Leg 1 - LondonJonathan McCann459£475,750£89,600
Leg 2 - ManchesterCalogero Morreale445£460,950£106,700
Leg 3 - BlackpoolLin Chen305£321,080£65,310
Leg 4 - EdinburghLudovic Geilich366£310,220£75,590
Leg 5 - LutonChristopher Day331£343,550£88,150
Leg 6 - LondonWeixiao Liao405£423,372£75,501
Leg 7 - LutonStuart Rutter223£231,933£62,368
Leg 8 - LeedsKonstantinos Patsourakis361£305,844£78,419
Leg 9 - BlackpoolIan Gascoigne347£360,430£62,198
Grand Final - LondonPaul Nunes325£555,600£140,000

GUKPT All-Time Grand Final Winners

There has been a Grand Final every year, except in 2020, when the GUKPT moved online, due to Covid lockdown. Benjamin Winsor is the only player with two GUKPT grand final titles under his belt.

YearWinnerEntriesTotal Prize Pool1st Place Prize
2007Mike Ellis198£594,000£197,600
2008Paul Foltyn184£552,000£167,050
2009Tony Cascarino183£549,000£168,800
2010Luong-Huu Bui207£517,500£144,905
2011Fabian Quoss195£487,500£119,996
2012Sam Grafton137£342,500£102,700
2013Kevin Allen294£587,300£158,700
2014Charlie Carrel212£424,000£108,625
2015Benjamin Winsor321£400,000£178,600
2016Marc Wright276£552,000£132,380
2017Ahmed Abdella304£607,400£89,000
2018Jerome L'Hostis325£650,000£140,445
2019Benjamin Winsor273£668,850£188,610
2021Trung Moc607£1,092,600£265,350
2022Daniel Bedson328£576,480£105,000
2023Paul Nunes325£555,600£140,000

Players With Multiple GUKPT Titles

While some tours take years to produce a double winner, the GUKPT achieved that very early on in its existence, with Julian Thew becoming the first double winner. He would go on to win for a third time and is one of three players to have a hat-trick of GUKPT titles. Praz Bansi, the winner of the very first GUKPT Main Event is also a double champion. in total 14 players have lifted a main event trophy on more than occasion. 

GUKPT Main Event TitlesPlayer
3Julian Thew
3Benjamin Winsor
3Richard Trigg
2Tony Cascarino
2Paul Foltyn
2Priyan de Mel
2Praz Bansi
2Sunny Chattha
2Andrew Teng
2Driton Haxhiaj
2Ali Mallu
2Jack Hardcastle
2Paul Nunes
2Ludovic Geilich