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    Sunday Majors Poker Tournaments

    Sunday is the biggest day of the week for online poker. In particular, Sunday is when most online sites host their largest tournaments of the week and if they are running an online series, its usually on a Sunday that the main event takes place. Sunday majors will typically be the biggest event on a site in any given week. The main Sunday tournament will have the biggest guarantee of the week and will often take place as a two-day tournament. When sites run online series, they often incorporate their usual Sunday Majors into the schedule.

    As Sundays are the busiest day for online poker, many sites increase their mtt guarantees for many of their regular tournaments. They also run special Sunday only events, which will usually have an extensive satellite system running throughout the week. These satellites enable players to get in for a fraction of the usual buy-in and take a shot at an event that is usually outside their bankroll.

    Sunday is also the day when the second (and final) day of weekly flighted tournaments take place. Flighted tournaments are those mtts which run several ‘day 1s’ during the week, with all those who make it through the day progressing to the final day on Sunday. Players can enter multiple day 1s, giving themselves more than one chance to qualify for a shot at the big money on the final day. All players who make the final day are usually ‘in the money’ and guaranteed a minimum cash, but formats do vary from site to site and this is not always the case.

    Sunday Majors at GG Poker

    As it’s the biggest site in the world, there’s so many tournaments going on at GG poker each and every day. However Sunday is still the big day and there’s plenty of choice to get your grind on. In fact most of the regular tournaments on GG Poker increase their guarantees on Sundays, so whatever your usual choice of event is can be your very own Sunday major. However for those looking for something extra special, there’s a range of big guarantee tournaments that only take place on Sundays.

    GG Masters

    While the GG Masters events run daily, on Sunday they host three special editions. Unlike many online tournaments, GG Masters events are all singe entry freezeouts, with no re-entry allowed. This ensures a level playing field as pros cannot play a loose strategy with the aim of rebuying if required.

    Start Time (UTC)EventBuy-InGuarantee
    17:00GGMasters High Rollers$1,500$500,000
    17:00GG Masters$150$500,000
    18:30GG Masters Bounty$320$400,000

    GG Millions$

    There’s also Million$ tournaments, which has four special events running on Sundays. these events actually run all week as they are multi-flighted tournaments that have several starting days, while Sunday is the final day of each tournament.

    Start Time (UTC)EventBuy-InGuarantee
    12:30Zodiac Million$¥215¥1,000,000
    20:30Global Million$$50$1,000,000
    20:30Omaholic Million$$54$250,000
    18:00GGMillion$ High Rollers$10,300$1,000,000

    GG Bounty Hunters

    Bounty Hunters are probably the most popular mtt format on GG poker, so much so that they often run special Bounty Hunter series that last for 2-3 weeks at a time. When they are not running a special series, there is a $54 main Bounty Hunters event every Sunday with a cool $1m guaranteed prize pool.

    Sunday Majors at WPT Global

    There are three Sunday Majors on WPT Global and they have a progressive policy regarding the guarantees of these three events, which is that if they meet their guarantees, the guarantee will increase by at least 10% for the following week. They call this the “Escalator” effect and it is also applied to three of the daily tournaments.

    Start Time (UTC)EventBuy-InCurrent Guarantee
    9pmSunday Slam$110$73,250
    9.10pmGrand Slam$330$48,500
    9.20pmMini Slam$11$11,000

    The guarantees listed above are correct as of 19th March, 2024

    Sunday Majors at ACR

    Tournaments are a big part of the offering at ACR and despite the site’s name (America’s Card Room) there are plenty of big guarantee tournaments aimed squarely at the European market, at times to suit Euro grinders. There are also many big-ticket tournaments timed for the North American evening session. Its a particularly packed schedule on Sundays and there’s too many events to list them all, but here are some of the key tournaments that are worth tuning in for.

    Start Time (UTC)EventBuy-InCurrent Guarantee
    11:30Euro Breakfast$88$5,000
    13:05Euro Warm Up$109$40,000
    14:30Euro High Roller$630$100,000
    14:30Sunday Starter Turbo$109$40,000
    14:30Mini Sunday Starter Turbo$33$15,000
    15:05The Euro Special$215$150,000
    16:30$100,000 GTD$109$100,000
    16:30PKO $40,000 GTD$16.50$40,000
    17:05Sunday High Roller$630$500,000
    17:05PKO $200,000 GTD$215$200,000
    17:05PKO $100,000 GTD$66$100,000
    17:05BIG 10 $80,000 GTD$33$80,000
    18:05Sunday Warm Up$109$300,000
    19:05The Sunday Banana PKO$1,050$250,000
    19:05Special BIG10$55$100,000
    19:30Sunday Special$215$250,000
    20:30PKO $100,000 GTD$109$100,000
    21:05Mega Stack$215$100,000
    There are also a few flighted tournaments, which run day 1s throughout the week and have their final day (day 2) on Sundays. This is the schedule of final days for flighted tournaments on Sundays.

    Start Time (UTC)EventBuy-InCurrent Guarantee
    22:30$150,000 Day 2$66$150,000
    23:05Sunday Squeeze$16.50$50,000
    23:05The Dime$2.50$10,000

    Sunday Majors at Grosvenor Poker/Bet 365 (iPoker)

    Like most sites, Grosvenor Poker, Bet365 and other sites on the iPoker network have always had Sunday as the biggest day of the week. Until recently however the Sunday offering wasn’t the best, with just slightly bigger guarantees on mostly the same tournaments that run every day of the week. However the network has grown significantly in size over the last three years and have overhauled their tournament schedule, augmenting the schedule with several special events, most of which take place on Sundays. Software improvements and the addition of flighted tournament functionality also helped shape the iPoker tournament schedule into a much bigger beast than it had been before. These are the key Sunday tournaments on iPoker sites.

    Start Time (UTC)EventBuy-InCurrent Guarantee
    11:15Sunday Takeoff€ 7.50€ 1,000
    16:00Sunday Warm-Up - 1k€ 3€ 1,000
    16:00Sunday Warm-Up - 8k€ 20€ 8,000
    16:00Sunday Warm-Up - 10k€ 70€ 10,000
    17:00Sunday Masterclass€ 200€ 10,000
    17:00Sunday Masterclass Mini€ 10€ 3,000
    17:00Sunday Bounty Hunter€ 20€ 11,000
    18:00Main Eliminator - 15k€ 30€ 15,000
    18:00Main Eliminator - 25k€ 50€ 25,000
    18:00Main Eliminator - 6.5k€ 12.50€ 6,500
    18:00Sunday High Roller Special€ 300€ 10,000
    19:00Main Sunday Sweat€ 100€ 50,000
    20:30Sunday Sprint€ 30€ 10,000
    Note: Guarantees correct as of July 2024.
    There are also a few flighted tournaments, which run day 1s throughout the week and have their final day (day 2) on Sundays. This is the schedule of final days for flighted tournaments on Sundays.

    Start Time (UTC)EventBuy-InCurrent Guarantee
    19:30Mini Slam KO Day 2€ 7.50€ 17,500
    20:15Big Deuce KO Day 2€ 2€ 10,000
    21:15Sunday Slam KO Day 2€ 150€ 45,000
    21:30Big Weekly KO Day 2€ 30€ 30,000
    Note: Guarantees correct as of July 2024
    In addition to these network satellites, each operator on the network has the ability to run their own room specific tournaments. Not all make use of this option, however sites like Grosvenor Poker, which has a heavy focus on live events, also use Sundays as their main day for qualifying for live events via online satellites. While Grosvenor Poker runs satellites to live events every day of the week on Sunday they post the largest guarantees, making it the best day of the week to try to secure some live event credit towards a GUKPT or Goliath seat.

    Sunday Majors at Unibet Poker

    Unibet Poker also has its own dedicated Sunday schedule. The line up consists of three tournaments every Sunday and a fourth, the biggest of them all, the Supermoon, which only takes place on the first Sunday of the month. Satellites to these run daily throughout the week, usually costing one tenth of the buy-in of the target event to enter.

    Start TimeTournamentBuy-inGtd Prizepool
    18:00 UTCSupernova€ 100€ 20,000
    19:00 UTCThe Supermoon€ 50€ 40,000
    19:05 UTCFight Club€ 100€ 12,000
    22:05 UTCThe Sunday Saver€ 50€ 4,500
    Note: Guarantees correct as of July 2024.

    Sunday Majors at PokerStars

    While PokerStars wasn’t the first site to run a regular Sunday Million (Party Poker takes that accolade), they were the site that promoted it the heaviest and when their main competitors fell back after the UIEGA of 2005, PokerStars was left as the sole big player, with 60-70% of the global online poker liquidity. This gave PokerStars the freedom to develop Sundays as the big day of the week, not just with one big event that everyone was aiming for, but with a series of special Sunday events that have the biggest guarantees of the week. 

    Despite no longer being the biggest site, PokerStars still has a pretty impressive line up of Sunday Majors and is still the go-to site for a lot of players, especially on Sundays. The showpiece event is the Sunday Million. Originally the Sunday Million had a $215 buy-in, but over the years this has changed and it now costs $109 to play. It is also now a bounty tournament, as PokerStars converted a number of their headline acts to the PKO format as consumer preferences have moved in that direction in recent years. It may even become a Mystery Bounty format at some point in the not too distant future as PokerStars have only recently introduced this format to their repertoire.

    For lower buy-in players there is the Mini Sunday Million, with a $22 buy-in and a $125,000 guarantee and like its big brother, it is also a two day event. There is also the Sunday Storm, an $11 buy-in tournament with a $100,000 guarantee. Several of the usual daily tournaments have significantly increased guarantees for their Sunday versions.

    Start Time (UTC)EventBuy-InCurrent Guarantee
    12:05Sunday Starter$109$12,000
    12:05Mini Sunday Starter$11$12,000
    13:30Sunday Kickoff$109$40,000
    13:30Mini Sunday Kickoff$11$20,000
    14:30Sunday Marathon$55$15,000
    14:30Sunday Mini Marathon$5.50$7,000
    14:30Sunday Marathon High Roller$530$15,000
    15:02Sunday StacKOsaurus (PKO)$215$70,000
    15:30Sunday Eliminator (PKO)$27$100,000
    16:05Sunday Warm Up High Roller$1,050$30,000
    18:00Sunday Million (PKO)$109.00$1,000,000
    18:00Mini Sunday Million (PKO)$22$125,000
    19:02Sunday Storm (PKO)$11$100,000
    19:02Sunday High Roller (PKO)$1,050$100,000
    22:02Sunday Cooldown (PKO)$109$100,000
    22:02Mini Sunday Cooldown (PKO)$11$25,000
    22:02Sunday Cooldown High Roller (PKO)$1,050$25,000
    23:02Sunday Supersonic$215$60,000
    23:02Mini Sunday Supersonic$22$40,000
    23:02Sunday Supersonic High Roller$1,050$30,000
    00:02Sunday Wrap Up$109$15,000
    00:02Mini Sunday Wrap Up$11$8,000
    Note: Guarantees correct as of July 2024.

    Sunday Majors FAQs

    What are poker Sunday Majors?

    Sunday Majors are the main tournaments that take place on Sunday evenings at online poker sites. Sunday is the most popular day for online poker, when sites post tournaments with the biggest prize pool guarantees.

    Which sites have the biggest Sunday Majors?

    GG Poker and Natural 8 share the world's biggest poker network and have the biggest daily tournaments and Sunday Majors. PokerStars also has some big tournaments on Sundays, most famously the Sunday Million.