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Amateur Poker Association and Tour (APAT) 2024

Luanched in 2006, the Amateur Poker Associastion and Tour created the UK's first national poker tour. The organisation is dedicated to providing professionally run events for amateur players to develop their skills in a fun but competitive environment. Unlike many other poker tours, APAT schedules its events with the working player in mind, ensuring that tournaments end at sensible times for people who may have work the following day.

The APAT Tour consists of a series of regional events, team events and has two larger events per year, the European and World Championships of Amateur Poker.  In 2024 the first of these (the European edition) runs from February 21-25 at Aspers Casino at Stratford in London. Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham will host the 2024 World Championship of Amateur Poker from 21-26 August.

APAT on GG Poker

APAT has partnered with GG Poker both for online APAT series and for satellites to their live events. 

APAT Live Events in 2024

The 17th season of APAT had been announced for 2024. Here is the schedule of events.
January 12-14UK Team ChampionshipDusk Till Dawn, Nottingham
February 9-11German Team ChampionshipGrand Casino Asch, Czech Republic
February 21-25European Championship of Amateur PokerAspers Casino, Stratford, London
March 22-24APAT Open ChampionshipMan325 Casino, Manchester
April 27-28Mediterranean Amateur Poker ChampionshipPortomaso Casino, Malta
May 1-2Irish Amateur Poker ChampionshipDublin, Ireland
May 17-18Scottish Amateur Poker ChampionshipGrosvenor Casino, Glasgow
June 14-16UK Amateur Poker ChampionshipGrosvenor Casino, Leeds
August 21-26World Championship of Amateur PokerDusk Till Dawn, Nottingham
October 2-6German Amateur Poker ChampionshipGrand Casino Asch, Czech Republic
October 18-20English Amateur Poker ChampionshipGrosvenor Casino, Blackpool
Novenber 2-3Maltese Amateur Poker ChampionshipPortomaso Casino, Malta
November 15-17UK & Ireland Amateur Poker ChampionshipGrosvenor Casino, Newcastle
November 29-December 1Poker Squads LiveDusk Till Dawn, Nottingham

World Championship of Amateur Poker Winners

APAT began in 2006, but it wasn't until their second season that the World Championship of Amateur Poker (WCOAP) was first introduced. For its first running the event had a £75 buy-in and it was Nick Jenkins who became the inaugural World Champion of Amateur Poker. The following season the buy-in was increased to £110 and the event found a home for several years at Dusk Till Dawn poker club in Nottingham. 

The event then moved around, spending a few years in London and Manchester, before its one and only outing on the continent, which was in Vienna. Covid meant that there was no event in 2020 and the 2021 event was held online at GG Poker. For the last two years the event has once again been held at Dusk Till Dawn.

This is the complete list of APAT's World Champions of Amateur Poker

Year - Location - Buy-InWinnerEntriesTotal Prize Pool1st Place Prize
2008 - London - £75Nick Jenkins206£15,450£3,500
2009 - Nottingham - £100Charles Mason314£31,400£7,000
2010 - Nottingham - £100Ben Young425£42,500£9,000
2011 - Nottingham - £106David Garden405£42,930£12,092
2012 - Nottingham - £110Erimas Livonas451£45,100£10,000
2014 - London - £110Tristan Chaplin332£33,200£7,500
2015 - London - £110Daniel Lewis397£39,700£8,500
2016 - London - £110Andrew Dodson393£39,300£8,300
2017 - Manchester - £110Dave Howard257£25,700£7,055
2018 - Manchester - £110Billy Berry243£24,300£7,000
2019 - Vienna - €120Rieuwert Fleer242€ 30,000€ 7,500
2021 - GGPoker (Online) - $109Patrick Blye1,751$175,100$27,408
2022 - Nottingham £150Dan Owston423£52,875£10,000
2023 - Nottingham £180Christopher Ralston696£104,400£15,000

Amateur Poker Association FAQs

What does APAT stand for?

APAT is the acronym for the Amateur Poker Association & Tour

What is APAT?

APAT is the Amateur Poker Association and Tour, which is a poker association that runs live and online poker tournaments exclusively for amateur players. 

Do professional poker players play in APAT tournaments?

No, professional players are not allowed to compete in APAT events.

Where does APAT hold its online events?

APAT's World Championship of Online Poker takes place at GG Poker, where online satellites to live APAT events can also be found.