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GGPoker Review


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GGPoker Review

Players looking for major tournament series, excellent cash games, stakes for every bankroll, and some nice bonus offers are in luck with GGPoker. In 2021, the site became the largest online poker site in the world. That’s quite an accomplishment after only expanding to a more global player base a few years ago.

As the “GG” acronym implies, there truly is a “good game” for every type of poker player. Keep reading to learn more about the popular online poker site, how to play and win real money at GG, and take advantage of some great exclusive PokerWired bonus offers.

You can use the GGPoker promo code WIRED to get a welcome bonus of up to $600 when joining via Pokerwired.

About GGPoker

Founded in 2014, GG has taken the poker world by storm over the last decade. The site was originally geared toward players in Asia, but the company’s reach has since seen major expansions into other parts of the world. The site now often hosts almost twice as many cash game players as PokerStars. GG’s Asian audience may play a major role in that success.

In recent years, GG has teamed up with one of the biggest brands in the game – the World Series of Poker. The two entities became partners in 2020 for the WSOP Online, with GGPoker named as the first online site allowing players outside the U.S. to win a gold bracelet online. 

A WSOP gold bracelet is the biggest trophy in poker. Players head to Las Vegas each summer with a goal to win a bracelet and some major cash. Now players can do the same online at GGPoker.

The partnership continues with the WSOP Circuit tournament series as well. These festivals offer championship rings up for grabs just as players might find on the live WSOP Circuit tournament grind.
The WSOP Online has continued each year since the partnership was announced and the site continues serving as a major sponsor of the live series as well. 

Players have come to appreciate GGPoker’s software, which offers some unique features like online staking not seen on other platforms. The company continues to grow its base of players and awards millions of dollars in guaranteed tournament prize pools each month.

GGPoker Overall Ratings


Cash Games

GG became the largest online poker operator in 2021 and has thousands of players at the cash game tables on a daily basis. There are are numerous options and stakes, and some of those table option include:

  • Six-handed
  • Nine-handed
  • Heads-up

For those new to cash games, these tables allow you to play for real cash rather than a tournament style event. Unlike a tournament, players can enter and table and leave at any time. You are playing for real money and win or lose the chips in front of you.

Low rollers can get in the action as well at smaller stakes with blinds of $0.01/$0.02 available. That runs up as high as $2,000/$4,000 for high rollers. 

GGPoker also offers the Rush & Cash option for players who like to play quickly. This fast-fold cash game option immediately sends players to another table as soon as they fold. You won’t have to wait for the hand to finish out. This format gets players right in the action at a rapid rate, moving from table to table to table quickly.


There is no shortage of tournament action at GGPoker. The site goes out of its way to offer events for all bankroll levels with plenty of excitement. Here’s a look at some of the options on the site.

Major Tournament Series

Not many online sites compete with GGPoker when it comes to major online tournament series. As noted above, the company’s partnership with the World Series of Poker means the annual WSOP Online series offers players a chance to win championship gold bracelets as live players would in Las Vegas.

The site also offers regular online WSOP Circuit series for a shot at championship rings and major payouts. The spring 2023 series came with $100 million guaranteed.

GGPoker’s own tournament series also stand out. The site tends to offer numerous starting flights for significant guarantees and payouts. Some of those tournament online festivals include:

  • Bounty Hunters Series – This festival features numerous events in various bounty formats. The spring 2023 version came with a total of $50 million guaranteed.
  • Super Million$ – These high stakes events attract some of the biggest players in online poker. The site also launched a complete leaderboard as well as live Super MILLION$ events in partnership with the Triton Poker Series. As an example, the site planned another week of high stakes action in April 2023 with $20 million guaranteed.
  • Omaholic Series – This series exclusively caters to players who love playing Omaha poker. The series offers tournaments of all buy-in levels.
  • Mini MILLION$ – This series offers plenty of nice action for low rollers, with buy-ins beginning at just $1. The 2023 festival offered low-stakes players an overall guarantee of $10 million.

These are just a few of what GG has to offer tournament payers. Through various partnerships, including with Triton Poker, the site also offers numerous online qualifiers for live tournament packages. That also included the annual WSOP in Las Vegas.

GGPoker offers hundreds of millions of dollars in guarantees up for grabs each year. There always seems to be a tournament for everyone.

Weekly Poker Tournaments at GGPoker

Beyond major poker festivals, tournament players will also find plenty of daily and major weekly events. These come in all varieties and buy-in levels, and GG regularly features numerous satellites for some of these as well.

One of the major events on the weekly schedule is the GGMasters. This added significantly to online poker’s Sunday major schedule after launching in 2020. The $150 buy-in tournament initially came with a $300,000 guarantee, but that has since grown to $500,000 on the line each Sunday. 

What makes this event stand out even more is that the GGMasters features a freezeout format. That means no re-entries and no rebuys, a rare type of major tournament among online poker operators.

Along with the weekly cash payouts, GG also features a Player of the Year Leaderboard for the series with some nice extras for and extra cash for top finishers. Here are a few more details on the GGMasters satellites:

  • Qualifiers – These are run throughout the week with numerous satellites on Sunday.
  • Buy-ins – Satellite qualifiers begin at only $1.50.
  • Registration – Once you win a seat via satellite you’re automatically registered to the tournament, but not allowed to unregister.

GG also offers several versions of the Masters running each Sunday. All of these are freezeouts and include:

  • $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers – $750,000 guaranteed
  • $320 GGMasters Bounty – $400,000 guaranteed
  • GGMasters daily events – There are also several events run Monday through Saturday with buy-ins from $25 to $108.

Another great example of featured GG’s weekly events is the MILLION$ Series. This tournament brand gives players several events to choose from.

MILLION$ tournaments feature starting flights throughout the week. As the name implies, most events feature a $1 million guarantee. Here’s a look at the weekly schedule of events:

  • $50 Global MILLION$ – $1 million guaranteed, a huge payout for a moderate price point.
  • ¥215 Zodiac MILLION$ – ¥1 million  guaranteed, geared toward players in Asian time zones.
  • $54 Omaholic Bounty Quarter MILLION$ – $250,000 guaranteed, a premier event for Omaha players.
  • $10,300 Super MILLION$ High Rollers – $1 million guaranteed, a massive two-day event for higher stakes players.

Along with these marquee events, GG also regularly runs one-off events appealing to a wide range of players, including those with lower bankrolls. For example, the site runs the annual $150 Overlay Edition. The tournament features a $150 buy-in and a “built-in” overlay, offering plenty of extra money as a reward for players.

In 2023, the tournament guaranteed a $10 million prize pool – a massive amount for a $150 event. On top of that, this doubles the $5 million guarantee from 2022. Players are offered numerous starting flights as part of the action.

The Overlay Edition reached 64,622 entries for a prize pool of $8.9 million. That meant GGPoker offered an additional $1.1 million in the overall prize pool. In 2023, Germany’s Philipp Gruissem came out on top for $806,385.

The Flip & Go Millions is another great example of these one-off style tournaments appealing to players with lower bankrolls. With an $11 buy-in, the Flip & Go Millions fittingly came with a $1 million guarantee – a huge prize pool for such a small buy-in.

The tournament also highlights the site’s popular Flip & Go feature. These events add a fun luck element to a traditional online poker tournament format. The action starts with players initially being dealt three cards. Players then discard one of those and are then all in before the community cards are dealt during this “Flip” stage.

One player wins that table and moves on to the “Go” stage. The WSOP in Las Vegas even offered a live version over the last few years. All players advancing to the second round are guaranteed a payout. The Flip & Go Millionaire offered numerous Flip stages. A 22-year-old German student won the event in 2022 for $54,929 after using satellites starting at only $0.50 to enter five times.

All these are just a sampling of the tournaments available to players each week. GG offers players numerous opportunities to get in the tournament action.

Other Tournament Events & Features

Tournament players also have some other events to check out at GGPoker. The site offers sit & go tournaments, allowing players to battle it out in single-table tournaments each day.

The site also introduced random prize-style, small-field tournaments in 2020 as well. These events are known as Spin & Gold and the site offers a unique take on this entertaining format. Like other sites, players first spin a wheel to determine the payout in the winner-take-all format.

Most pots are for twice the prize pool, but these can go much higher. Buy-ins range from $0.25 to $200 with payouts reaching as high as $1 million, depending on buy-in level. The six-max format also now features a top payout of $2 million.

Like a traditional jackpot sit and go, a player selects a buy-in and the system randomly selects a prize. At GG, players can buy in for:

  • $0.25 – win up to $5,000
  • $1 – win up to $100,000
  • $3 – win up to $60,000
  • $5 – win up to $100,000
  • $10 – win up to $1 million
  • $20 – win up to $400,000
  • $50 – win up to $1 million
  • $100 – win up to $2 million
  • $200 – win up to $1 million

Spin & Gold challenges also bring something extra to this arena. Clicking the “challenge” tab allows players to select the length of time to play – one, two, three, five, or eight hours. These “Gold Mine Challenges” offer some extra rewards for completing the challenge.

GG also features All-In or Fold sit & go’s for Hold’em and Omaha players. Those looking for something a bit bigger can also check out the 30-player Battle Royale sit & go options. Tournament players without time for bigger tournaments are in luck at GG with these events and others.

The ability to stake other players right on the site is also a cutting-edge feature. Players can offer some financial backing of other players heading into major events. This is a longtime poker practice, offering backers a sweat of some other players’ action.

Unlike in the live poker arena, players don’t have to worry about settling up or collecting cash. The GG poker client takes care of everything.

Poker Bonuses at GGPoker

​​Register at GGPoker using the code “WIRED” to take advantage of these bonus offers, as well as claim up to $600 in welcome bonuses.

Most online poker sites offer bonuses for players making a real-money deposit. That goes for GGPoker as well and players can rake in some nice rewards.

Some nice rewards await players who sign up with a deposit of at least $20. Players have two options to choose from: a 100% deposit match bonus up to $600; or up to $100 in free tournament tickets and Cash Game Dollars (C$).

The tournament tickets might be a better option for those who deposit a smaller amount and come with some bonuses for those who complete the GG challenge to play them. Here’s a look at what to expect:

  • Day 1 – $11 in All-In or Fold (AoF) Sit & Go tickets (six total). Play 100 AoF hands to get an extra $2.50 in cash game dollars.
  • Day 2 – $6.50 in AoF Sit & Go tickets (five total). Play 50 AoF hands to get an extra $10 in cash game dollars.
  • Day 3 – $6.50 in AoF Sit & Go tickets (five total). Play 50 AoF hands to get an extra $2.50 in cash game dollars.
  • Day 4 – $6.50 in AoF Sit & Go tickets (five total). Play 50 AoF hands to get an extra $10 in cash game dollars.
  • Day 5 – $6.50 in AoF Sit & Go tickets (six total). Play 50 AoF hands to get an extra $2.50 in cash game dollars.
  • Day 6 – $13 in AoF Sit & Go tickets (six total). Play 50 AoF hands to get an extra $10 in cash game dollars.

Players who complete all six of the challenges earn an extra $10 in cash game dollars as well. All players have to do to redeem these bonus offers is the exclusive PokerWired code “WIRED” to grab some of this free cash and tournament tickets.

GGPoker Extras

GGPoker has spared no expense when it comes to promoting the product and made some big news in 2019 by signing Daniel Negrenau as an ambassador. The Toronto native is one of the biggest names in poker and spent more than a decade representing PokerStars.

Negreanu regularly promotes the site’s events on social media and is regularly featured as part of the site’s promotions. The six-time WSOP bracelet winner and two-time World Poker Tour champion carries plenty of clout in the game and has described GG as having the best software in online poker.

Along with Negreanu, GG has signed several other well-known pros. That included adding online poker legend Fedor Holz in 2020. The German poker pro also helped in developing the company’s “Ask Fedor” artificial intelligence tool that helps players work on their strategy and skills. Holz has more than $38 million in live tournament winnings as well as two WSOP bracelets. Other prominent GG ambassadors include:

  • Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier – The longtime PokerStars ambassador now calls GG home. The Frenchman has almost $15 million and live tournament winnings.
  • Jason Koon – This poker heavyweight from the United States has $43.8 million in live tournament winnings and has won titles on some of the game’s biggest stages. 
  • Kevin Martin – The Canadian Big Brother contestant and Twitch streamer also commentates for many of GG’s major events.
  • Felipe Ramos – The superstar has more than $3 million in live tournament winnings and is key for GG in marketing to players in his native Brazil.
  • Jeff Gross – The American Twitch streamer, podcast host, and poker pro has built quite an audience online with plenty of poker fans checking out his platform each week.
  • Ali Nejad – The longtime poker player has been one of the best-known commentators in the game, calling the action in some of the biggest events since the poker boom.

Payment Methods

Players making a deposit for some real money online poker have several options to choose from. There are several options available and players can expect a safe and secure financial transaction system. Players won’t find any fee to deposit and can fund an account using:

  • Visa or Mastercard
  • Bank transfer
  • ewallets such as Neteller, MuchBetter, and ecoPayz
  • PayPal
  • LuxonPay (a multi-currency ewallet geared toward poker players)

Most payments are instantaneous, allowing players to get in the action quickly. But don’t forget to use the exclusive PokerWired code “WIRED” to take advantage of the bonus offers outlined here.

The Verdict

Players love GGPoker for the software experience and that has shown in the great growth the site has experienced in recent years. The platform includes some unique bells and whistles not found on other sites.

There is also no shortage of action with thousands of cash game players at the table and a constant stream of tournaments running. As this review also notes, there are plenty of promotions constantly underway with the platform always offering some extra value for the player pool.

All this doesn’t even include the chance to play some prestigious tournaments such as the WSOP Online and other tournaments. Excellent software, plenty of action, and an overall great experience, GGPoker is a great place for online poker players.

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