Unibet Poker Slobberknocker Series Enters Final Day

14 Jan 2024
Jonathan Raab 14 Jan 2024
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  • Unibet Poker Slobberknocker Series Enters Final Day
  • Most events smashing their guarantees
  • Chip Race Podcast Hosts Comment on Series
  • €100 Main Event with €30,000 guaranteed
Unibet Poker is one of the first online poker sites to run a special online series in 2024, with the extravagantly named Slobberknocker Series now entering its final weekend and the main event still to come! The series kicked off last weekend with a €50 buy-in Chip Race podcast special that featured a €20,000 guarantee amongst a tightly packed festival schedule featuring 32 events and total guarantees of €200,000. The festival has been going pretty well so far, with most of the events on the schedule easily surpassing their targets, with the final total prize pools from the series expected to exceed €250,000. 

Slobberknocker Series Final Day Schedule

TournamentStart TimeBuy-InGuarantee
#29: Title Fight19.05 CET€50€20,000
#30 Slobberknoocker Mini Main19.30 CET€10€4,000
#31 Slobberknocker Main Event20.05 CET€100€30,000
#32 Final Fight20.30 CET€5€1,250

Today, Sunday 15th January 2024, is the last day of the series and two of the biggest events take place today - the Title Fight and the Main Event. Both are well-structured two-day events, which will conclude on Monday evening. If there was ever a day in the life of the series that could be prone to overlays, its today, as Unibet is a relatively small online poker site. Even though €20,000 and €30,000 guarantees might seem like small fry compared with those on larger sites, it’s certainly not assured that they will meet their targets. 

It’s also worth remembering that unlike most other online poker sites, you can change your screen name at any time on Unibet Poker, therefore rendering poker tracking software useless. This makes Unibet Poker a great option for recreational players, as the pros who rely upon using tracking software tend not to play on this site.

The Slobberwhat?

The Slobberknocker is a regular tournament that takes place on Unibet on a daily basis. It was introduced to the Unibet Poker tournament schedule during the site’s last major mtt overhaul. It has gained cult status amongst players on the site due to its name, which some find hilarious. PokerWired spoke to Chip Race podcast hosts and Unibet Ambassadors David Lappin and Dara O’Kearney to find out more about the Slobberknocker series.

According to Dara, the name was created by one of the Unibet Poker team, after a brawnstorming session and has somewhat lewd connotations. However a quick search of the Oxford English Dictionary reveals the meaning of the unusual word is actually:

“A match or contest that is particularly hard-fought or physically aggressive. Also: a violent or severe blow, collision between players, etc.”

The word does indeed seem to be an entirely appropriate name for a poker tournament, which is always hard fought and it’s especially apt for knockout tournaments, which see many collisions between players. Gladly the series is taking place online, guarding against actual physical aggression, which to be fair rarely ever breaks on real-life poker tables.

The Chip Race Podcast Special Event Kicked off the Series

DateSunday 7th January, 2024
Total Entries378
Prize Pool€20,000
Winner's Prize€1,683 + €1,291 in bounties

PokerWired: How did you feel the event went?

Dara: Very Well
David: We lobbied really hard with Unibet to make this a bigger guarantee than we thought we could meet. After all, it was a celebratory show and what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway. In the end, we got much closer than I expected. I think the tourney only overlayed by about €1000. 

PokerWired: When is the next Chip Race podcast special event planned, live or online? How about doing a weekly/monthly event online?

David: Our schedules are too relentless to organise a regular game so instead, Dara and I prefer to organise one branded week-long online series per year as well as a couple of one-off big tournaments. We also like to add value to live events by branding those as ‘Chip Race’ tournaments too. I think we’ve done that 5-6 times over the years and hopefully we can do that a couple of times this year too. 

PokerWired: How do you think the series has been going so far and were you disappointed that the Chip Race tournament missed its guarantee?

Dara: David keeps better tabs on this than me
David: None of the other tournaments have overlayed. In fact, all have bashed their guarantees. We guaranteed €200,000 but I’d say the final tally will be close to €250,000. Credit to Andy Paton, our fantastic tournament manager for the job he did putting this brilliant series together. Andy has been so integral to Unibet Poker’s success over the past few years. 

Have You Won Anything Yet?

PokerWired: How has the Slobberknocker Series been for each of you this year?

Dara: I wasn’t able to play every day so it’s been a half-hearted campaign so far.
David: I had a woeful start but managed to make a couple of final tables mid-week. That gave me a shot of making top-5 in the low leaderboard and top 10 in the high leaderboard. There will be no catching my chip race colleague Barry Carter, however, in the low. He is so far ahead but maybe with a good finish I could get second place. 

PokerWired: Did you knock on any doors, or were you continually slobbering your chips all over the place?

Dara: Don’t know
David: It was all slobber, no knockers for the first three nights. Last year when I won the high leaderboard I got off to a great start and pretty much went wire to wire. I knew from that how hard it is to make a run at it if you don’t come out of the gate fast. 

PokerWired: What have been your best results in the series to date?

Dara: Don’t know
David: A 4th and a 6th place finish but I did have some big bounty-taking tourneys in which I didn’t go that deep.  

PokerWired: Where do you need to finish in the main event to get out of it for the series.

Dara: A min cash might get me out of it.
David: I’m up for the series but not by very much. The Sunday games are the big ones though so fingers crossed I close one out!

Disclaimer: I sent these questions to Dara and David in the middle of the night and while David slept on it before responding, Dara replied almost immediately, suggesting he was still up playing online poker at the time and perhaps this accounts for his shorter replies and apparent lack of memory regarding his best result in the series. 

Qualifying Options & Sign Up Bonuses

There are still a few opportunities to bag a seat into the Slobberknocker Main Event for less than the usual €100 price tag. €10 satellites are running  at Unibet poker throughout the afternoon. 

New players registering for Unibet Poker benefit from a no-deposit required bonus valued at €20, which includes €10 in tournament tickets and €10 in cash game tickets. Players who make a real money deposit receive €200 in bonus, which is released gradually when playing requirements are met. New accounts have 60 days from sign up to clear the bonus. To read more about this offer, check out PokerWired’s review of Unibet Poker.

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