Bad Beat Jackpots Rain Down for Players at GGPoker This Month

16 Jul 2024
Sean Chaffin 16 Jul 2024
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  • Bad beat jackpots pay out two six-figure scores
  • Quads beat royal flush
  • Low roller also cashes in big

April has proven to be a great month for a few lucky players at GGPoker. The site’s bad beat jackpot has seen some big winners over the last few weeks.

That included a couple of six-figure payouts as online poker players cashed in on the popular promotion. For those new to the concept, a bad beat jackpot is awarded when a premium hand is beaten by another premium hand.

In most cases this scenario would be quite a cooler for the loser. However, a small amount is removed from each cash game and placed in the bad beat jackpot pool. When a player loses in this fashion, the “loser” ends up taking the largest chunk of the prize.

The winner of the hand also takes a nice payout as well with each player at the table also getting a payout as well just for being at the table. Here’s a look at the recent big wins at GGpoker

Quads Fall for Almost $140K

On April 4, a player named “Niko Soininen” was playing some $10/$20 Pot Limit Omaha and raised to $70 from the button with QsJsJc4h. “C-Marius” then three-bet to $220 and Niko made the call.

The flop brought 3Kand Marius bet $220. With a set of Jacks, Niko simply called. The turn brought the A and both players checked. The J then landed on the river, giving Niko four of a kind. Marius bet $890 and Niko raised all in to $1,597. 

Marius called and the hoopla began when his 10Q was shown. Niko’s four of a kind was topped by Marius’s royal flush. Niko scored a massive bad beat jackpot payout of $139,831 while Marius grabbed $41,949 for the winning hand. The other four players at the table also grabbed $11,186.

It’s rare to lose with four of a kind, but no doubt Niko was celebrating the “bad luck.”

Royal Flush Triggers Jackpot Win

Another massive bad beat payout came only three days later. On April 7, GG awarded more than $107,000 in a $10/$25 No Limit Hold’em game that saw three players all in.

A player named “Marjus78” looked to be in great shape, holding 66 and also seeing the 66 on the flop. The 10 came on the turn and the 7 made things even more interesting on the river. While Marjus held four of a kind, the river card completed a straight flush for a player named “Harold,” who won the hand.

The loser in this hand, however, cashed in for $66,191 after suffering the tough beat. Harold not only scooped the pot but also won $19,857. “Limy666” held 44 for a full house, but finished nin third place in this hand. Despite the loss, Limy could console himself with a bonus of $5,295.

The three other players at the table also pocketed that amount. It can certainly pay to be in the right place at the right time.

Small Stakes, Big Payouts

Even players at smaller stakes can cash in at GG when it comes to the bad beat jackpot. In a $0.50/$1 game, “Mrhiphop07” experienced quite a wild ride holding 55. When 2h9h5s came on the flop, Mrhiphop seemed to be in good shape with a set.

After a bet and a raise from two other players, Mrhiphop moved all in. A player named “westside53” made the call with JA, as did “AAceee” with 99. Hiphop looked to be in rough shape with just over 5.5% chance at winning the pot.

That changed with the 5 on the turn, however, and that percentage then went up to 97.6%. With the 9s on the river, AAceee scored an even bigger four of a kind after hitting the one-outer.

That also triggered the bad beat jackpot, with Mrhiphop hitting it big for $6,200 after going from underdog to heavy favorite to losing the hand. AAceee snagged $1,860 and the other four players each scored $496, for a total payout of more than $10,000. Sometimes it just pays to be bad.

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