Liv Boeree Podcast - details & where to listen to the "New Win-Win" Podcast

13 Dec 2023
Sean Chaffin 13 Dec 2023
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  • New podcast called "Win-Win"
  • Molly Bloom serves as first guest
  • Show explores concepts around competition
New Liv Boeree podcast launches - how to listen and key focus

Longtime poker pro and former PokerStars ambassador Live Boeree is branching out with a new podcast. The new show is titled “Win-Win” and fittingly tackles ideas and concepts around winning.

“It’s essentially an exploration of competition,” she said on her YouTube channel to announce the new podcast. “I’ve been obsessed with games and winning my entire life. But I’ve noticed how there seem to be some aspects of competition that are very good for us, but also some that are very bad for us.

“So I really want to take a deep dive into forces of competition that are driving at all aspects of our society, not only in the human world but in the natural world too.”

 The show promises a broad range of guests to comment on these topics from athletes and CEOs to actors, philosophers, and scientists.

Bringing Her Own Competitive Instincts

Boeree is no stranger to competition and has almost $3.9 million in live tournament winnings. Her journey to poker success came with a unique background. She grew up in Kent, England, and went on to achieve a degree in astrophysics from the University of Manchester.

A 2005 British television show provided Boeree’s first step into the world of poker. In the show, poker legends Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, and Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot served as her “card coaches” and a love of the game and the mathematics involved was born. She became a major tournament player over the next few years.

In 2010, Boeree took down the $5,300 EPT Main Event in Italy for $1.7 million after qualifying via a satellite. In 2017 she added a World Series of Poker bracelet to her poker resumé by winning the $10,000 Tag Team Championship with boyfriend Igor Kurginov.

An interest in other topics have led to some other projects in recent years and she brings that sense of inquisitiveness to the new podcast. Boeree has appeared on several science-related programs as well as in the BBC documentary “The Joy of Winning.”

In 2018, Boeree was asked to give two TED Talks focusing on probability and decision making. Her writing has also appeared in several publications in recent years and she also shares her thoughts on science and other topics on her YouTube channel, which has almost 62,000 subscribers. She’s now hoping "Win-Win" finds a niche.

Inside the First Episode

While Boeree likes to delve outside the poke world, the first episode features Molly Bloom, author of the book “Molly’s Game.” The book focuses on her life organizing major high stakes poker games for celebrities, athletes, and other wealthy players in L.A. and New York.

Bloom later faced off with authorities after being charged with money laundering and running an illegal sports gambling operation. The book was eventually made into a movie and Boeree asks Bloom about some of the good and bad behavior she’s seen at the poker tables. Bloom also discusses some of the poor attitudes she experienced and dealing with some of those situations.

“I always tried to make peace,” she noted on a trailer for the podcast. “I would say, ‘I don’t know what you’ve heard about me or think that I’m trying to do, but I would much rather have collaboration. What can I do to not step on your toes?’

“Confronting aggression and fear with humanity doesn’t always work, but a lot of times it does.”

How to Subscribe to the Boeree Podcast 

Boeree promises a show running the gamut on competitive topics – from winning to performance to collaboration and beyond. The first episode is expected is on Spotify, Apple as well as on her YouTube channel. She adds: “I can't wait for you all to join me.”

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