Natural8 Everyone Offer Killer Whale - 50% Fish Buffet Cashback

16 Jan 2024
PokerWired Staff 16 Jan 2024
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  • Natural8's Killer Whale Fish Buffet promotional offer begins Jan 15th, 2024, offering 50% cashback for 100 days.
  • Various ranks like 'Platinum Whale' and 'Platinum Octopus' feature specific Fish Points requirements and cashback rates.
  • Earning 400,000 Fish Points during the promotion extends 50% cashback for an additional year under the 'Platinum Whale' rank.
For a limited time only, Natural8 is offering the Killer Whale status to ALL PLAYERS (new and existing) with a flat 50% weekly cashback for free

The "Killer Whale Fish Buffet" at Natural8 is a promotion running from January 15th to February 14th 2024.  Don't have an account? Use the Natural8 bonus code MAXBONUS

Opt-in Requirement
Players must opt-in through the client to acquire the "Killer Whale" status, a special Fish Buffet status available only during this promotion.

Cashback Offer
This status grants a 50% cashback, valid for 100 days from the opt-in date.

Flexibility in Joining
Players can join the promotion at any point within the 100-day period.

Fish Points (FPs) and Ranks
Players who accumulate 400,000 FPs within 100 days will be upgraded to "Platinum Whale."
If this target isn't met, players will be demoted to "Platinum Octopus" at the end of the promotion.
Fish Buffet Rewards Programme: This is Natural8's rewards scheme. Players earn cashback as they climb ranks, with higher ranks offering more cashback.

Ranks and Cashback
Various ranks exist, each with different FP requirements and cashback percentages.
"Killer Whale" offers a 50% flat cashback weekly for 100 days. The promotion also features other ranks like "Platinum Whale" and "Platinum Octopus," each with specific FP requirements and cashback rates.

Promotion Steps
  1. Players need to log into their account, click on the Fish Buffet icon, and opt for the "Upgrade to Killer Whale" button.
  2. Accumulated FPs will be refunded based on the current rank's average cashback percentage when opting in.

Further Opportunities
Earning 400,000 FPs during the promotion extends the 50% cashback for an additional 365 days under the "Platinum Whale" rank.

Failing to reach this goal results in a demotion to "Platinum Octopus" with a 35% average weekly cashback.

Terms and Conditions
  • The promotion is available for players aged 18 and above.
  • Active opt-in is required.
  • Natural8 reserves the right to modify, cancel, or investigate fraudulent activities in this promotion.
  • The offer is subject to the website's terms and conditions.
  • This promotion is designed to reward active players with cashback incentives, offering a quick rank-up opportunity for all Natural8 players.

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