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GGPoker Monthly Giveaway September 2023: Get $10,000,000 on Selected Promos

07 Mar 2024
Alex Waite 07 Mar 2024
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  • GGPoker offers $10,000,000 in prizes throughout September
  • Available on 12 selected games and promos
  • Options for New and existing customers

GGPoker is an established and popular online poker site. The internationally renowned platform hosts some of the top games, bonuses, and tournaments in world poker.

This September, players can utilise the GGPoker Monthly Giveaway on selected games and get up to $10,000,000 in bonuses. The promotion applies to several popular games hosted by the provider and there is something on offer for both new and existing customers with a GGPoker account.

Also, the promotion applies to daily games and competitions that you can enter with a valid GGPoker profile. Find out how you can participate in the September Giveaway by following the steps below.

To sign up at GGPoker, use our handy guide on using the  GG Poker code and get up to $600 welcome bonus.

GGPoker Monthly Giveaway September: How to Claim 

To get involved with the GGPoker Monthly Giveaway for September, you can register for a new account if you are a new player. But, if you are an existing customer, you can log in to your profile. 

Once you access your account, you can enter a variety of poker bonuses and offers. The total amount on offer through GGPoker’s popular games and promotions is $10,000,000. However, this total amount is made up of 12 individual games and tournaments. Also, some offers, like the welcome bonus, are for new players only. 

In addition, each promotion that contributes to the $10,000,000 September Giveaway will have its own wagering requirements and deposit criteria. For the full T&Cs for GGPoker’s September promotions, head to the brand’s official page.

Monthly Giveaway: Selected Games and Promos

As an established poker provider with a host of different games and tournaments, GGPoker has included many of its most popular selections in the September Giveaway. 

Below, you can see a complete list of the games and promos included in the GGPoker Monthly Giveaway that contributes to the $10,000,000 pool.

  • Go Daily Freebie
  • Honeymoon for Newcomers
  • GGCare & GGCheers
  • GGPoker Welcome Bonus
  • Hold’Em Prize Booster
  • PLO Daily Leaderboard
  • Rush & Cash Prize Booster
  • AoF Daily Leaderboard
  • Flip & Go Daily Leaderboard
  • Battle Royale Prize Booster
  • Short Deck 6+ Daily
  • Spin & Gold Daily Leaderboard

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