No Rake is Better at WPT Global

13 Jun 2024
Jonathan Raab 13 Jun 2024
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  • WPT Global Announces No Fees for MTTs in March
  • Offer builds upon March's 100% MTT Rake Returned Offer
  • Site insists this is not an April Fools joke
Rake Free Poker Tournaments at WPT Global Throughout April

Online poker site WPT Global has followed up its March mtt offer with an even bolder offer for April: completely rake free mtts all month, no tournament fees! 

In March the site’s offer was to return 100% of mtt rake via three freerolls. Players had to play a minimum of 30 tournaments to gain entry to one of them, 60 for two and at least 100 tournaments to qualify for all three and a shot at the $600,000 guaranteed prize money up for grabs.

No Qualifying Criteria, Everyone Benefits From No Fee MTTs

The April offer has no qualifying criteria, so will benefit even more players, especially casual players who join online tournaments just a few times a month and would not have benefitted from the March offer. 

By the looks of it, the way that the offer has been structured, overall tournament buy-ins remain the same as before, but all of it now goes into the prize pool. For example, the $110 Crazy Sunday PKO, which was a $100+$10 (buy-in plus fee) tournament, now has a $110+$0 buy-in. 

WPT Global Insists this is NOT an April Fools Joke

The site made the announcement of April the 1st and had to make it clear that this is not an April Fools joke, they really are offering zero rake mtt for the entire month. This will also include their next mtt series, the $2.5 Million GTD Warm Up Festival, running from April 19-28 headlined by a $220 ($220+$0) buy-in main event, with a $300,000 guarantee.

March 100% Rake Returned Promo Raised Participation

The impact of the previous month’s promotion upon mtt performance was remarkable. While some mtts still suffered some overlay, when this did happen, it was usually a lot less than before. The major mtts all had a significant lift, with the heavily overlaying Crazy Sunday PKO more than doubling its pre-promotion participation level and smashing the $100,000 guarantee. 

Bump It Up Tournaments Bump Up

Similarly, the site’s ‘Bump It Up’ tournaments (3 per day and an additional 3 on Sundays) have all been, to put it aptly, bumping up, regularly. In this promotion, in these selected tournaments, if the guarantee is ever met, it is raised by at least 10% for the next edition. All of these have bumped up during March, some of them several times. The new rake promotion is expected to have a similar impact and guarantees could rise further throughout April. These are the current guarantees.

Start TimeBuy-InTournamentGuarantees Before March PromotionCurrent Guarantee (June 2024)
3pm (UK) Daily$55Lucky Escalator PKO$18,150$30,000
9pm (UK) Daily$22Daily Escalator Turbo$5,000$8,100
10.30pm (UK) Daily$110Nightly Escalator PKO$20,000$27,500
9pm (UK) Sundays$110Sunday Slam$66,550 $100,000
9.10pm (UK) Sundays$330Grand Slam$40,000$66,000
9.20pm (UK) Sundays$11Mini Slam$10,000$16,500

New players can use the WPT Global Poker Promo Code NEWBONUS when registering to get a welcome bonus of up to $1,200.

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