Unibet Poker Team Collector Promo Kicks-Off with the Euros

12 Jun 2024
Jonathan Raab 12 Jun 2024
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  • Unibet Poker launches Team Collector missions for the Euros
  • Collect Teams by completing missions on Unibet Poker
  • Rewards for collecting all teams in a group
  • MTT entries for collecting all groups/Euros winning team
Unibet Poke Team Collector Promotion
Unibet poker kicks off the Euros with football themed Team Collector player missions.

Unibet Poker is running a Euros themed Team Collector promotion kicking off on June 10th, with its final whistle being blown on July 14th, to coincide with the EUFA Euro 24 football event taking place in Germany.

Unibet Poker players can play and complete missions in order to ‘collect’ teams, earn rewards and qualify for special Team Collector online poker tournaments.

How to Play Team Collector on Unibet Poker

In order to participate you simply need to log in to the Unibet Poker client (browser, mobile of desktop) and start playing. When you complete tasks that count towards missions, you progress will automatically be updated.

Collect All Teams in a Group to Receive a Reward

Each country that has qualified for the Euros has a dedicated mission assigned to it. When you complete a mission of a specific team, you collect that team. If you collect all four teams in a group, you earn a reward. 

The Team Collector Rewards

The rewards for completing each group are:

Group A: €1 HexaPro ticket
Group B: €2 HexaPro ticket plus €2 MTT ticket
Group C: €1,000 Weekly Team Collector Flip ticket
Group D: €5 MTT ticket
Group E: €5 HexaPro ticket
Group F: €10 HexaPro ticket

Additionally, If you collect all the groups, you earn a ticket to the

€7,000 Team Collector Special Tournament (freeroll) on July 17th.

And if you collect the team that ends up wins the Euros on July 14th, you will also get a seat in the

€3,000 Team Collector Winners Showdown Tournament (also a freeroll).

Team Collector Missions

Details of all 24 teams’ missions can be found within the Unibet Poker client. To view these:

  • Click on the football image at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Click on the Team Collector section
  • View the missions required to collect each team and your progress on each mission

Examples of Team Collector Missions

Some missions are easier to complete than others, e.g.

Scotland: To collect the greatest footballing nation that ever graced a football pitch, you need to win 3 (three) HexaPros (minimum buy-in €1).
England: To collect the England team you need to take 6 (six) bounties in MTTs (minimum buy-in €1).
Germany: To collect the host nation German team you have to achieve Black Belt on Banzai for two days in a row
Czech Republic: To collect the Czech team you have to play 15 HexaPros for three days in a row (minimum buy-in €1)

All available missions can be viewed on the Unibet Poker client.

Other Euros Promotions on Unibet Poker

Unibet Poker is also running several other promotions during Euro 2024. Check out the Unibet Poker client for further football related promos to enhance both your enjoyment of the matches themselves and your poker gameplay.

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