Unknown Player Wins Swiss Poker Champion Week Main Event

05 Feb 2024
Jonathan Raab 05 Feb 2024
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  • Swiss Poker Champion Week Concludes
  • Unknown Player Wins
  • Andreas Fröhli named as player of the festival
Unknown Player Wins
Unknown Player Wins Swiss Poker Champion Week
It was a thrilling finish to the Swiss Poker Champion Week that took place at Grand Casino Baden over the first weekend of February 2024. This ‘week’ of poker consisted of two events, a SFr777 Pot Limit Omaha and the SFr2,500 main event. While no result has yet been reported for the Omaha event, the main event has reached its conclusion and what an exciting one it was! 

Unknown Player A faced Unknown Player B after Unknown Player C was eliminated in 3rd place. And after a heads-up battle of indeterminate length, Unknown Player A emerged victorious. The 138 entries created a prize pool of SFr310,500, including a SFr92,370 for the mysterious winner. 
Unknown Players
Image of result posted on thehendonmob website

Congratulations to Andreas Fröhli, who finished 6th for SFr13,970. Remarkably, Fröhli was also the only named player to cash in the PLO event at the 2023 version of this festival, finishing in 11th place. In the absence of names of any of the other players who made the money, we’re going to name Fröhli as player of the festival, for the second year in a row. He has shown great courage and becomes the very first recipient of the PokerWired Award for Outstanding Bravery, for doing what every other player who cashed was too afraid to do, release his name for publication.

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