Highlights for Second Sunday of Spring Online Poker Series

10 May 2024
Jonathan Raab 10 May 2024
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  • Springtime online poker series continue on second weekend of May
  • Highlights include GG Poker's World Festival, PokerStars's SCOOP and WPT Global's Spring Festival
  • PokerWired's guide to the Sunday online poker tournament action
Online Spring Festivals
Spring festivals continue at many online poker sites on second weekend of May
Spring Online Poker Series Highlights for Second Sunday in May

Sunday is the biggest day of the week for online poker and Sundays in spring are amongst the busiest of the year, as its traditionally when online poker sites host some of their biggest online mtt series. The first weekend of May saw springtime online series starting at several online poker sites, including the GG Poker $250m GTD World Festival, PokerStars’ iconic $75m Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) and WPT Global’s $7m Spring Festival. These continue throughout May and the second Sunday of May presents a huge choice of events for players to pick and choose from. If you haven’t yet decided which events to play this weekend, PokerWired’s guide to the weekend is here to help you make your choice. We highlight the key events taking place on Sunday May 12th at several major online poker sites.

GG Poker World Festival

The first week of the GG Poker World Festival has gone pretty much as you’d expect it to, with the vast majority of tournaments in the four-tiered festival comfortably surpassing their guarantees. The only events that posting an overlay are those in the super-high roller tier, which has seen several missed guarantees on its highest buy-in events. Most of these have been quite small, however there has been one that has missed by over $100,000, providing value for those who can afford to dabble at that level.

The second weekend of the GG Poker World Festival sees three of the Phase events enter their final stage stage on Sunday, but until then there are several stage one’s every day for each of these mtts:

Zodiac Bounty MILLION$ 
  • Buy-In: ¥215
  • Guarantee: ¥280,000
  • Final Day: Sunday 12th May, 12.30 CET

Short Deck MILLION$
  • Buy-In: $50
  • Guarantee: $200,000
  • Final Day: Sunday 12th May, 18.30 CET

Omaholic Mystery MILLION$
  • Buy-In: $52.50
  • Guarantee: $400,000
  • Final Day: Sunday 12th May, 20.30 CET

The full Sunday schedule for the World Festival is enormous, with the biggest guarantees in the online poker industry, with almost $20m in guarantees on this one day. Here’s the complete list of events taking place:

Start Time (CET)EventGuarantee
00:3072-S: $1,050 Bounty Very Big Game Americas$40,000
00:3072-H: $108 Bounty Big Game Americas$40,000
00:3072-M: $25 Bounty Big Game Americas$20,000
00:3072-L: $5.40 Bounty Mini Big Game Americas$10,000
11:0073-S: $2,625 CRAZY EIGHTS Asia HR$150,000
11:0073-H: $840 CRAZY EIGHTS Asia HR$100,000
11:0073-M: $88 CRAZY EIGHTS Asia$60,000
11:0073-L: $8.88 CRAZY EIGHTS Asia$25,000
12:3074-S: $1,050 Festival Kickstarter HR [Bounty]$150,000
12:3074-H: $150 Festival Kickstarter [Bounty]$150,000
12:3074-M: $25 Festival Kickstarter [Bounty]$125,000
12:3074-L: $2.50 Mini Festival Kickstarter [Bounty]$20,000
12:30¥215 Zodiac Bounty MILLION$ Special Edition [Final]¥2,024,000
13:0075-S: $2,625 Sunday Monster Stack HR$250,000
13:0075-H: $250 Sunday Monster Stack$250,000
13:0075-M: $25 Sunday Monster Stack$100,000
13:0075-L: $2.50 Sunday Mini Monster Stack$15,000
14:0076-S: $1,500 Sunday Marathon HR$250,000
14:0076-H: $320 Sunday Marathon$250,000
14:0076-M: $30 Sunday Marathon$100,000
14:0076-L: $3 Sunday Mini Marathon$15,000
15:0077-S: $2,625 Sunday Grand Prix Europe HR$300,000
15:0077-H: $250 Sunday Grand Prix Europe$300,000
15:0077-M: $25 Sunday Grand Prix Europe$125,000
15:0077-L: $2.50 Sunday Mini Grand Prix Europe$15,000
16:0078-S: $2,625 Sunday Short Deck Bounty HR$75,000
16:0078-H: $840 Sunday Short Deck Bounty HR$40,000
16:0078-M: $88 Sunday Short Deck Bounty$20,000
16:0078-L: $8.88 Sunday Short Deck Bounty$10,000
16:3079-S: $5,250 Bounty Hunters Super High Roller$350,000
16:3079-H: $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event$1,500,000
16:3079-M: $54 Bounty Hunters Sunday Main Event$1,000,000
16:3079-L: $5.40 Bounty Hunters Sunday Mini Main$70,000
17:0080-H: $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers World Festival$1,000,000
17:0080-M: $150 GGMasters Festival Edition$600,000
17:3081-S: $2,625 Sunday Bounty Hunters Very Big Game$300,000
17:3081-H: $250 Sunday Bounty Hunters Big Game$500,000
17:3081-M: $25 Sunday Bounty Hunters Big Game$200,000
17:3081-L: $2.50 Sunday Bounty Hunters Mini Big Game$25,000
18:0080-S: $10,300 GGMillion$ High Rollers [2-Day]$2,000,000
18:0080-L: $15 Sunday Hundred Grand$125,000
18:3082-S: $10,300 Sunday Omaholic Bounty Main Event HR$200,000
18:3082-H: $1,500 Sunday Omaholic HR Bounty Main Event$200,000
18:3082-M: $250 Sunday Omaholic Bounty Main Event$100,000
18:3082-L: $54 Sunday Omaholic Bounty Mini Main$50,000
18:30$50 Short Deck MILLION$ [Final Day]$200,000
19:0083-S: $25,500 Sunday Super High Roller$1,000,000
19:0083-H: $1,500 Sunday High Rollers Main Event$750,000
19:0083-M: $250 Sunday Main Event$400,000
19:0083-L: $25 Sunday Mini Main Event$125,000
19:3084-S: $3,150 Bounty King Big Daddy$150,000
19:3084-H: $320 GGMasters Bounty$500,000
19:3084-M: $30 Sunday Bounty King$200,000
19:3084-L: $3 Sunday Bounty King Baby$22,500
20:0085-S: $1,050 Sunday Showdown HR [Mystery Bounty]$750,000
20:0085-H: $105 Sunday Showdown [Mystery Bounty]$750,000
20:0085-M: $15 Sunday Showdown [Mystery Bounty]$150,000
20:0085-L: $2.50 Sunday Mini Showdown [Mystery Bounty]$20,000
20:30$52.50 Omaholic Mystery MILLION$ [Final Stage]$400,000
21:0086-S: $2,625 Sunday Heater HR [Bounty Turbo]$150,000
21:0086-H: $250 Sunday Heater [Bounty Turbo]$200,000
21:0086-M: $25 Sunday Heater [Bounty Turbo]$100,000
21:0086-L: $2.50 Sunday Mini Heater [Bounty Turbo]$10,000
22:0087-S: $1,500 Bounty King Americas HR$100,000
22:0087-H: $525 Bounty King Americas HR$100,000
22:0087-M: $54 Bounty King Americas$50,000
22:0087-L: $5.40 Bounty King Baby Americas$12,500
23:0088-S: $1,050 Sunday Saver HR [Hyper]$150,000
23:0088-H: $250 Sunday Saver [Hyper]$125,000
23:0088-M: $50 Sunday Saver [Hyper]$75,000
23:0088-L: $5 Sunday Mini Saver [Hyper]$10,000

The Road to Vegas at GG Poker

The Road to Vegas satellites to the WSOP Main Event are still ongoing at GG Poker and the site has now qualified over 600 player and still has over a month to achieve its target of sending 1,000 to Las Vegas. Sunday is naturally the main day for qualification and this weekend’s Main Event Mania satellite has 15 x $12,000 WSOP packages guaranteed. Road to Vegas satellites are run using the chip target format, which means that players secure their seat as soon as they have reached 110,000 chips, from a starting stack of 10,000 chips.

PokerStars SCOOP

The Spring Championship of Online Poker at PokerStars is also entering its second weekend and this Sunday the key events are regular vanilla mtts rather than the PKOs which kicked off the series las weekend. These

Starting at 17.30 (UK), these are the main Sunday SCOOP events for each tier:

  • Event 4 (Low): $55 Mini Sunday Million, $500,000 Guaranteed
  • Event 4 (Medium): $530 Sunday Million, $1m Guaranteed
  • Event 4 (High): $5,200 Titans Event, $600,000 Guaranteed

WPT Global Spring Festival

The WPT Global Sping Festival was another online series that began on May 5th and has $7m in guaranteed. Additionally, players will get 100% rakeback on all tournaments during the series, including feeders and satellites. The festival uniquely features online versions of WPT tournaments, with a $530 WPT500, a $1,060 WPT Prime and a $3,500 WPT Championship all included in the schedule. These event6s all feature multiple day 1s, with their day 2s taking place on Sundays throughout the festival. Day 1s for the WPT500, which has a $400,000 guarantee, have been running all week and its day 2 takes place on Sunday 12th May. 

The Elite Series Spring Edition at Grosvenor Poker

iPoker’s Elite Series features over 500 tournaments with €7m in guarantees and players can join the action from any of the many skins that operate on the Playtech owned network, including Grosvenor Poker, which is accessible for players fro, the UK and Ireland.

The main event of the Elite Series is a phase event with a €50 buy-in and a €250,000 guarantee, which reaches its final day on Monday May 27th. Until then starting days are running every day but there are also regular non-phase tournaments and this Sunday’s key tournaments are 

  • The €50 Sunday Eliminator, 7pm (UK) with a €60,000 guarantee
  • The €1200 Sunday Main at 8pm (UK) with an €80,000 guarantee

The Chip Race Festival at Unibet Poker

While most sites have an online series running all month, Unibet Poker’s Chip Race Festival does not require such a significant time commitment, as it lasts only a week and this weekend sees the short (but sweet) festival come to an end. The main event starts at 19.05 (CET) on Sunday 12th May, with a €100 buy-in and €25,000 guaranteed. It is a two-day tournament and offers players a chance to compete against Dara O’Kearney and David Lappin, both Unibet Poker ambassadors and presenters of the multi-award winning podcast The Chip Race.

CSOP+ at Coinpoker

Coinpoker was late out of the starting blocks with the announcement of their CSOP+ Festival, which began last weekend and continues until May 26th with an astonishing ₮25,000,000 in guarantees. For those who are not familiar with cryptocurrency values, this is equivalent to a $25m guarantee, which is quite ambitious for a site that only just remembered to announce the festival two days before it started. It is mostly a high rollers and super high rollers series, however there are a few tournaments that only cost ₮50 or ₮100 to enter.

There is no leaderboard for this series, however there are rewards of tournament entries for players who reach specific total buy-in targets. On the last day of the CSOP+ festival there are four main events, all starting at 6pm (GMT) at different price points:

  • ₮50 Main Event, ₮12,000 Guaranteed
  • ₮200 Main Event, ₮80,000 Guaranteed
  • ₮1,000 Main Event, ₮400,000 Guaranteed
  • ₮5,000 Main Event, ₮500,000 Guaranteed

The key events on Sunday 12th May, also starting at 6pm (GMT) are:

  • ₮50 CSOP+ Big Fifty,  ₮10,000 Guaranteed
  • ₮500 CSOP+ Sunday Main Event, ₮125,000 Guaranteed
  • ₮2,000 CSOP+ PLO Vulture, ₮80,000 Guaranteed
  • ₮5,000 CSOP+ Nemesis, ₮400,000 Guaranteed

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