Several Spring Online Poker Series Start on the First Weekend in May

02 May 2024
Jonathan Raab 02 May 2024
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  • Spring online poker series start at several online poker sites
  • GG Poker's World Festival tops the list with $250m in guaranteed prize pools
  • 100% rakeback for all players at WPT Global's $7m Spring Festival
  • SCOOP begins at PokerStars with $75m guaranteed
Springtime Online Poker Series 2024
Online Poker Series for Spring 2024 Begin
  • GG Poker $250m World Festival
  • PokerStars - Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP)
  • WPT Global - Spring Festival
  • Americas Card Room - OSS XL
  • The Elite Series at Grosvenor Poker
  • Are you Ready to Get Involved?
Online Poker Sites Begin Spring Online Poker Series on First Weekend in May 2024 

May is always significant time of year for online poker and this weekend several major online poker sites launch their prestigious spring series. 

Sunday 5th May is the day that the GG Poker’s $250m guaranteed World Festival begins, as does the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) at PokerStars, with $75m in prize-pool guarantees. But that’s not all, WPT Global’s Spring Festival also starts this weekend, as does the OSS XL series at Americas Card Room (ACR). The Elite Series running on iPoker began last weekend, but also continues this weekend on sites such as Grosvenor Poker and Bet365 Poker.

We take a look at the key online series that will dominate the online poker landscape and make headlines throughout May.

GG Poker $250m World Festival

GG Poker continues to make waves with the GG Poker World Festival and have upped the guarantees for this year’s edition by $50m when compared with the same festival in 2023. The 2024 World Festival on GG Poker comes with $250m in tournament guarantees. Just let that sink in for a minute before you read on….that’s a staggering quarter of a billion dollars. The festival is split into four separate buy-in tiers
 with 400 tournaments scheduled in each tier. There are also separate leaderboards with a total of $2.5m in additional prizes to be awarded.

World Festival Buy-In Tiers

Low: Tournaments with buy-ins from $2.50 to less than $25
Medium: Tournaments with buy-ins from $25 to less than $150
High: Tournaments with buy-in from $150 to less than $1,050
Super: Tournaments with buy-in of $1,050+

The World Festival begins on May 5th and continues until June 11th. It includes regular daily events as well as several phase tournaments, which run throughout the series and have their final days towards the end of the six week festival. Every day there are numerous tournaments to choose from with the events with the biggest guarantees typically taking place at the weekend.

To tle part in the World Festival, players need to be registered as account holders at GG Poker. If you are yet to register, use the GG Poker bonus code WIRED to get started with a 100% deposit match worth up to $600.

World Festival Opening Day Schedule

All the events taking place on Sunday 5th May, the opening day of GG Poker's $250m guaranteed World Festival:

11:0001-S: $2,625 CRAZY EIGHTS Asia HR$2,625$150,000
11:0001-H: $840 CRAZY EIGHTS Asia HR$840$100,000
11:0001-M: $88 CRAZY EIGHTS Asia$88$60,000
11:0001-L: $8.88 CRAZY EIGHTS Asia$9$25,000
12:3002-S: $1,050 Festival Kickstarter HR [Bounty]$1,050$150,000
12:3002-H: $150 Festival Kickstarter [Bounty]$150$150,000
12:3002-M: $25 Festival Kickstarter [Bounty]$25$125,000
12:3002-L: $2.50 Mini Festival Kickstarter [Bounty]$3$20,000
12:30¥21 Zodiac Mini MILLION$ [Final Day]$21$1,000,000
13:0003-S: $2,625 Sunday Monster Stack HR$2,625$250,000
13:0003-H: $250 Sunday Monster Stack$250$250,000
13:0003-M: $25 Sunday Monster Stack$25$100,000
13:0003-L: $2.50 Sunday Mini Monster Stack$3$15,000
14:0004-S: $1,500 Sunday Marathon HR$1,500$250,000
14:0004-H: $320 Sunday Marathon$320$250,000
14:0004-M: $30 Sunday Marathon$30$100,000
14:0004-L: $3 Sunday Mini Marathon$3$15,000
15:0005-S: $2,625 Sunday Grand Prix Europe HR$2,625$300,000
15:0005-H: $250 Sunday Grand Prix Europe$250$300,000
15:0005-M: $25 Sunday Grand Prix Europe$25$125,000
15:0005-L: $2.50 Sunday Mini Grand Prix Europe$3$15,000
16:0006-S: $2,625 Sunday Short Deck Bounty HR$2,625$75,000
16:0006-H: $840 Sunday Short Deck Bounty HR$840$40,000
16:0006-M: $88 Sunday Short Deck Bounty$88$20,000
16:0006-L: $8.88 Sunday Short Deck Bounty$9$10,000
16:3007-S: $5,250 Bounty Hunters Super High Roller$5,250$350,000
16:3007-H: $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event$525$1,500,000
16:3007-M: $54 Bounty Hunters Sunday Main Event$54$1,000,000
16:3007-L: $5.40 Bounty Hunters Sunday Mini Main$5$70,000
17:0008-H: $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers World Festival$1,050$1,000,000
17:0008-M: $150 GGMasters Festival Edition$150$600,000
17:3009-S: $2,625 Sunday Bounty Hunters Very Big Game$2,625$300,000
17:3009-H: $250 Sunday Bounty Hunters Big Game$250$500,000
17:3009-M: $25 Sunday Bounty Hunters Big Game$25$200,000
17:3009-L: $2.50 Sunday Bounty Hunters Mini Big Game$3$25,000
18:0008-S: $10,300 GGMillion$ High Rollers [2-Day]$10,300$2,000,000
18:0008-L: $15 Sunday Hundred Grand$15$125,000
18:3010-S: $10,300 Sunday Omaholic Bounty Main Event HR$10,300$200,000
18:3010-H: $1,500 Sunday Omaholic HR Bounty Main Event$1,500$200,000
18:3010-M: $250 Sunday Omaholic Bounty Main Event$250$100,000
18:3010-L: $54 Sunday Omaholic Bounty Mini Main$54$50,000
18:30$5.25 Short Deck Mystery MILLION$ [Final Stage]$5$100,000
19:0011-S: $25,500 Sunday Super High Roller$25,500$1,000,000
19:0011-H: $1,500 Sunday High Rollers Main Event$1,500$750,000
19:0011-M: $250 Sunday Main Event$250$400,000
19:0011-L: $25 Sunday Mini Main Event$25$125,000
19:3012-S: $3,150 Bounty King Big Daddy$3,150$150,000
19:3012-H: $320 GGMasters Bounty$320$500,000
19:3012-M: $30 Sunday Bounty King$30$200,000
19:3012-L: $3 Sunday Bounty King Baby$3$22,500
20:0013-S: $1,050 Sunday Showdown HR [Mystery Bounty]$1,050$750,000
20:0013-H: $105 Sunday Showdown [Mystery Bounty]$105$750,000
20:0013-M: $15 Sunday Showdown [Mystery Bounty]$15$150,000
20:0013-L: $2.50 Sunday Mini Showdown [Mystery Bounty]$3$20,000
20:30$5.40 Omaholic Bounty Mini MILLION$ [Final Stage]$5$200,000
21:0014-S: $2,625 Sunday Heater HR [Bounty Turbo]$2,625$150,000
21:0014-H: $250 Sunday Heater [Bounty Turbo]$250$200,000
21:0014-M: $25 Sunday Heater [Bounty Turbo]$25$100,000
21:0014-L: $2.50 Sunday Mini Heater [Bounty Turbo]$3$10,000
22:0015-S: $1,500 Bounty King Americas HR$1,500$100,000
22:0015-H: $525 Bounty King Americas HR$525$100,000
22:0015-M: $54 Bounty King Americas$54$50,000
22:0015-L: $5.40 Bounty King Baby Americas$5$12,500
23:0016-S: $1,050 Sunday Saver HR [Hyper]$1,050$150,000
23:0016-H: $250 Sunday Saver [Hyper]$250$125,000
23:0016-M: $50 Sunday Saver [Hyper]$50$75,000
23:0016-L: $5 Sunday Mini Saver [Hyper]$5$10,000

PokerStars - Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP)

PokerStars long established SCOOP begins on Sunday 5th May and continues until 29th May featuring $75m in prize pool guarantees and 128 tournaments in total. SCOOP was the first online festival to split itself into different buy-in tiers. It operates with three different buy-in levels, but events are not as rigidly placed into tiers based on buy-ins. The tiers are instead relative to each event on the schedule, with low, medium and high buy-ins for each tournament. Each of these tiers also have leaderboards with $100,000 in prizes up for grabs for best performing players. 

The opening weekend of SCOOP feature PKOs as the main offering, all start at 17.30 (UK):

  • Event 4 (Low): $109 Progressive Knock Out, $1m Guaranteed
  • Event 4 (Medium): $1,050 Progressive Knock Out, $1m Guaranteed
  • Event 4 (High): $5,200 Progressive Knock Out, $600,000 Guaranteed

WPT Global - Spring Festival

The Spring Festival at WPT Global has $7m guaranteed in prizes and players will get 100% rakeback on all tournaments during the series, including feeders and satellites. The festival also begins on May 5th and runs until 26th of the month, with the main Sunday event on May 22nd being a $300 Progressive Knockout (PKO) with a $1m guarantee. 

Main Event Details:

  • Buy-in: $300
  • Start Date: May 22
  • Guarantee: $1 million
  • Format: Progressive Knockout (PKO)

There are incredibly also three major WPT tournaments during the Festival - including the $1million GTD  $3,500 Championship, a $1,060 WPT Prime and a $530 WPT500. The series includes a leaderboard contest with significant cash rewards and tickets to WPT live events.

To take part in the Spring Festival requires registering with WPT Global. New players can use the WPT Global Poker Promo Code NEWBONUS when registering to get a welcome bonus of up to $1,200.

Americas Card Room - OSS XL

With the $12.5m Venom now concluded, ACR’s next big thing is the OSS XL Series. Many of ACR’s online series use the acronym OSS, which stands of Online Super Series. This XL version runs from 5th - 27th May and includes $40m in prize pool guarantees.

There are three main events, which all have day 1s taking place on Sunday 19th and 26th with their day 2s on May 27th.

  • $2,500,000 GTD ($2,650 buy-in)
  • $2,000,000 GTD ($1,050 buy-in)
  • $1,000,000 GTD ($215 buy-in)

There are many tournaments every day throughout the series with buy-ins to suit most bankrolls. ACR also will offer a series of mini-leaderboards throughout the series, focusing on different game types to keep the competition diverse and engaging.

The Elite Series at Grosvenor Poker

The Elite Series began on iPoker last weekend and has a long way to go, as it does not wrap up until June 4th. Availaible on sites like Grosvenor Poker, the Elite Series features over 500 tournaments with €7m in guarantees. The Winter Edition of the Elite Series also had a €7m guarantee, but total prize pools ended up exceeding €10m. iPoker’s online series have stepped up several notches in the last year, benefitting from the expertise of Baard Dahl, the site’s Network and Promotions Manager, who previously was one of the star employees in PokerStars’s tournament management team

Phase (or flighted) events make up a significant part of the Elite Series schedule, with the biggest guarantee of the series being €250,000 for the Mystery Main, which has its day 2 on Monday 27th May and costs just €50 to enter, with flights taking place every day. There is also a €30 Mystery Bounty event, which has its day 2 on May 20th, with a €100,000 guarantee on its prize pool. Like most other online series, the Elite Series divides its tournaments into three tiers, for low, medium and high buy-ins and has separate leaderboards for each.

For those who are looking for regular non-flighted tournaments, the key event on Sunday 5th March is the Sunday Main, with a €100 buy-in and an €80,000 guarantee.

The Elite Series will run a cumulative leaderboard with points accumulated across all events. Winners can earn exclusive entries to live Grosvenor tournaments and additional cash prizes.

Are you Ready to Get Involved?

With millions in guaranteed prizes and a variety of competitive formats, including variants like No Limit Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha and featuring PKOs, mystery bounty formats and good old fashioned regular poker tournaments as well. Whether you're a seasoned grinder or a weekend warrior, these series offer something for everyone. Don't miss out on the action, as the virtual felt heats up with major events and hefty payouts. Get ready to shuffle up and deal!

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