Weekend Action at the GG Poker World Festival

17 May 2024
Jonathan Raab 17 May 2024
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  • World Festival continues this weekend at GG Poker
  • Over $20m guaranteed on Sunday 19th May
  • R Romanovskyi in pole position on Super tier leaderboard
  • 15 WSOP Main Event Packages Guaranteed in Sunday's Main Event Mania
World Festival Weekend Highlights
Preview of Events taking place on Sunday 19th May at GG Poker's $250m guaranteed World Festival

GG Poker’s World Festival has now reached its third weekend, which sees another packed schedule of big guarantee poker tournaments taking place. The biggest events are on Sunday at the world’s largest online poker site, where over $20m of the $250m in guaranteed prize pools will be paid out.

Sunday is the day when the most players venture online and online poker sites beef up their schedules with bigger guarantees than usual. The same is true during large online poker series and GG Poker’s World Festival is about as big as they come, featuring over 1,600 tournaments and $250m in guaranteed prizes. This Sunday there are 71 World Festival tournaments to take part in, with buy-ins ranging from a very affordable $3 to an out of price range for most $25,500.

In total there is over $20m guaranteed on Sunday alone and if you were to buy-in to all 68 tournaments on Sunday and have a shot at all three of the phase tournaments, it would set you back nearly $90,000! But of course nobody is going to play all 71 events, right? Even GG Pokler ambassador Bertrand ‘Elky’ Grospellier wouldn’t try that and he holds the world record for the most sit and go tables played concurrently (and profitably).

Phase Tournaments at GG Poker's World Festival

Phase Tournaments are a big part of the World Festival at GG Poker. These are tournaments that have multiple starting stages in the days (and weeks for the main event) leading up to the final stage. Players can enter the starting stages as often as they like until they make it through to the final stage. There are three phase tournaments that will host their final stages on Sunday 19th May and one on Monday 20th. While last weekend the phase events that concluded were all in the mid-price tier, this weekend’s offerings are all from the high buy-in tier:

DayStart TimePhase Event NameBuy-InGuarantee
Sun 19th May12:30Zodiac MILLION$ Turbo Edition [Day 2]¥888$350,000
Sun 19th May18:30Short Deck Bounty MILLION$ [Final]$525$300,000
Sun 19th May20:30Omaholic Bounty MILLION$ HR Edition [Final Stage]$525$500,000
Mon 20th May18:30Global MILLION$ Mystery Bounty [Final]$525$10,000,000

Stage one starting days for all of these run daily up until and including on the day when the final stages take place.

World Festival Sunday Schedule

As usual, there is a good variety of events, with progressive bounties, turbos and regular vanilla tournaments too. There are short deck tournaments and Omaha tournaments, however most of the events are No Limit Texas Hold’em.

For many the highlight of the weekend will be the $54 Bounty Hunters Main Event, with a $1m guaranteed prize pool, but for those with deep pockets and poker skills to match, the GG Million$ High Roller costs $10,300 to enter and carries a $2m guarantee. And if your pockets are even deeper, there’s the $25,500 Super High Roller with a $1m assured prize pool. But if all that is too rich for you and all you’ve got left is the $3.58 you earned from Fish Buffet last week, which you haven’t yet collected from the rewards store, then the best bang you can get for your three bucks at the World Festival is the Sunday Bounty Hunters Mini Big Game, with a $25,000 guarantee.

Start Time (UTC)EventBuy-InGuarantee
00:30144-S: $1,050 Bounty Very Big Game Americas$1,050$40,000
00:30144-H: $108 Bounty Big Game Americas$108$40,000
00:30144-M: $25 Bounty Big Game Americas$25$20,000
00:30144-L: $5.40 Bounty Mini Big Game Americas$5$10,000
11:00145-S: $2,625 CRAZY EIGHTS Asia HR$2,625$150,000
11:00145-H: $840 CRAZY EIGHTS Asia HR$840$100,000
11:00145-M: $88 CRAZY EIGHTS Asia$88$60,000
11:00145-L: $8.88 CRAZY EIGHTS Asia$9$25,000
12:30146-S: $1,050 Festival Kickstarter HR [Bounty]$1,050$150,000
12:30146-H: $150 Festival Kickstarter [Bounty]$150$150,000
12:30146-M: $25 Festival Kickstarter [Bounty]$25$125,000
12:30146-L: $2.50 Mini Festival Kickstarter [Bounty]$3$20,000
13:00147-S: $2,625 Sunday Monster Stack HR$2,625$250,000
13:00147-H: $250 Sunday Monster Stack$250$250,000
13:00147-M: $25 Sunday Monster Stack$25$100,000
13:00147-L: $2.50 Sunday Mini Monster Stack$3$15,000
14:00148-S: $1,500 Sunday Marathon HR$1,500$250,000
14:00148-H: $320 Sunday Marathon$320$250,000
14:00148-M: $30 Sunday Marathon$30$100,000
14:00148-L: $3 Sunday Mini Marathon$3$15,000
15:00149-S: $2,625 Sunday Grand Prix Europe HR$2,625$300,000
15:00149-H: $250 Sunday Grand Prix Europe$250$300,000
15:00149-M: $25 Sunday Grand Prix Europe$25$125,000
15:00149-L: $2.50 Sunday Mini Grand Prix Europe$3$15,000
16:00150-S: $2,625 Sunday Short Deck Bounty HR$2,625$75,000
16:00150-H: $840 Sunday Short Deck Bounty HR$840$40,000
16:00150-M: $88 Sunday Short Deck Bounty$88$20,000
16:00150-L: $8.88 Sunday Short Deck Bounty$9$10,000
16:30151-S: $5,250 Bounty Hunters Super High Roller$5,250$350,000
16:30151-H: $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event$525$1,500,000
16:30151-M: $54 Bounty Hunters Sunday Main Event$54$1,000,000
16:30151-L: $5.40 Bounty Hunters Sunday Mini Main$5$70,000
17:00152-H: $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers World Festival$1,050$1,000,000
17:00152-M: $150 GGMasters Festival Edition$150$600,000
17:30153-S: $2,625 Sunday Bounty Hunters Very Big Game$2,625$300,000
17:30153-H: $250 Sunday Bounty Hunters Big Game$250$500,000
17:30153-M: $25 Sunday Bounty Hunters Big Game$25$200,000
17:30153-L: $2.50 Sunday Bounty Hunters Mini Big Game$3$25,000
18:00152-S: $10,300 GGMillion$ High Rollers [2-Day]$10,300$2,000,000
18:00152-L: $15 Sunday Hundred Grand$15$125,000
18:30154-S: $10,300 Sunday Omaholic Bounty Main Event HR$10,300$200,000
18:30154-H: $1,500 Sunday Omaholic HR Bounty Main Event$1,500$200,000
18:30154-M: $250 Sunday Omaholic Bounty Main Event$250$100,000
18:30154-L: $54 Sunday Omaholic Bounty Mini Main$54$50,000
19:00155-S: $25,500 Sunday Super High Roller$25,500$1,000,000
19:00155-H: $1,500 Sunday High Rollers Main Event$1,500$750,000
19:00155-M: $250 Sunday Main Event$250$400,000
19:00155-L: $25 Sunday Mini Main Event$25$125,000
19:30156-S: $3,150 Bounty King Big Daddy$3,150$150,000
19:30156-H: $320 GGMasters Bounty$320$500,000
19:30156-M: $30 Sunday Bounty King$30$200,000
19:30156-L: $3 Sunday Bounty King Baby$3$22,500
20:00157-S: $1,050 Sunday Showdown HR [Mystery Bounty]$1,050$750,000
20:00157-H: $105 Sunday Showdown [Mystery Bounty]$105$750,000
20:00157-M: $15 Sunday Showdown [Mystery Bounty]$15$150,000
20:00157-L: $2.50 Sunday Mini Showdown [Mystery Bounty]$3$20,000
21:00158-S: $2,625 Sunday Heater HR [Bounty Turbo]$2,625$150,000
21:00158-H: $250 Sunday Heater [Bounty Turbo]$250$200,000
21:00158-M: $25 Sunday Heater [Bounty Turbo]$25$100,000
21:00158-L: $2.50 Sunday Mini Heater [Bounty Turbo]$3$10,000
22:00159-S: $1,500 Bounty King Americas HR$1,500$100,000
22:00159-H: $525 Bounty King Americas HR$525$100,000
22:00159-M: $54 Bounty King Americas$54$50,000
22:00159-L: $5.40 Bounty King Baby Americas$5$12,500
23:00160-S: $1,050 Sunday Saver HR [Hyper]$1,050$150,000
23:00160-H: $250 Sunday Saver [Hyper]$250$125,000
23:00160-M: $50 Sunday Saver [Hyper]$50$75,000
23:00160-L: $5 Sunday Mini Saver [Hyper]$5$10,000

World Festival Satellites

Many of the events at the GG Poker’s World Festival are quite pricey to enter, but there is a cheaper way to get into most of them. Satellite tournaments, which cost a fraction of the price of the target tournament are a good way to take a shot at tournaments that are normally above your bankroll.  Satellites from a little as $0.55 are available, with a variety of options to choose from.

World Festival Leaderboard Updates

The leaderboards at the World Festival are perhaps the richest ever seen for an online series, with C$2.5m in prizes being awarded across four leaderboards, one for each of the four buy-in tiers at the festival

  • Low Tier - C$250,000
  • Medium Tier - C$500,000
  • High Tier - C$750,000
  • Super Tier - C$1m

After the first two full weeks of the World Festival, its already quite competitive at the top of the leaderboards.

In the Super tier, R Romanovskyi from Ukraine leads the way with 1,637 .09 points, some way ahead of Swede Niklas Astedt who sits in second with 1,354.99. Jans Arend from Austria is third with 1,173.08 points. The winner will receive C$100,000. 

The High tier is even more competitive, with less than 100 points separating Jacopo Olivieri in first from Chicharito14 in second, with Iambeggar not far behind in third. R Romanovskyi who leads the way in the super tier is having an especially good festival, as he is also near the top of the High tier leaderboard, currently in 13th place.
GG World Festival Latest Super Tier Leaderboard
Super Tier Leaderboard Top 10, GG Poker World Festival, 2024

Road to Vegas

The Road to Vegas promotion at GG Poker is well past its half way point, but there is still over a month left to secure a $12,000 package to play in the WSOP Main event, which starts on July 3rd at the Horseshoe Casino, Las Vegas. There are satellites taking place on GG Poker on most days, with Sunday being the key day to qualify, when the Main Event Mania satellite guarantees 15 x $12,000 packages. There are also $525 and $250 direct satellites, but its Sunday’s Main Event Mania that gives players the best chance to qualify. Road to Vegas satellites are run with a milestone format, which means that instead of having to make it to the very end of the tournament to win your seat, as soon as you have reached or surpassed the target of 110,000 chips, you are awarded your seat. Players start with 10,000 chips.

This is the Road to Vegas satellite schedule for Sunday 19th May. Feeder satellites for much less than these buy-ins are available around the clock.

Start Time (CET)EventBuy-InGuarantee
18:30Road to Vegas Qualifier$5251 x $12,000 Package
20:30Main Event Mania$1,20015 x $12,000 Packages
22:00Road to Vegas Qualifier$2503 x $12,000 Packages
23:00Road to Vegas Qualifier$1,2001 x $12,000 Package
00:30Road to Vegas Qualifier$2501 x $12,000 Package

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